Minister Usani Uguru Usani’s New year message, the fourth paragraph is revealing


                                             2 January 2017 Thank God we have crossed over to 2017. Only God saw us through; not just as individuals or a country, but the world as we know it. Things are changing more swiftly and dramatically than we ever imagined decades ago, and what seems to be a short span of 12 months (the times have proven) can make tremendous changes in our lives. My desire and prayer for Nigeria is that we treasure the brotherhood that unites our common interests and shun the cynicism that divides us, bearing in mind that if God did not will us to be together, we will not be one sovereignty. We must never be oblivious of the invaluable potentials we have inherent in our unity, and how our division can dim such. In being one people (even in the context of the Niger Delta) we must know that none is greater than the other, and we must be our brother's keeper at all times. Such is the spirit with which we should operate this year. Pst. Usani Uguru Usani
Honourable Minister
Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs