MMM participants still Hoping against Hope, while Tension continues to Rise!


Nelson A.Osuala [17 January 2017] MMM Nigerian participants, otherwise known as Mavrodians are currently nonplussed, especially after majority are yet to 'Get Help' from the system after more than 96 hours of  the Ponzi scheme's  return from a supposedly compulsory Holiday. Some of the participants in the ponzi scheme have argued that although they were able to request for their money, they have however, not been paid as the system is still frozen, just as it was in December 2016. A mavrodian, Kolade Ogunwande, who according to NAN report was said to have invested N100,000 in November 2016 as Capital, and also  referred two other people to the scheme, who according to calculations and summation of all mavro bonuses is expectantly waiting to collect an appreciated amount totaling  N214,000 as of Friday, seems not to have gotten any dime even after he had requested for his money. In his words, “They have not paid me anything, but they said we should wait patiently to be matched with participants willing to invest in MMM.
I have no choice than to remain optimistic,” he said. In the same vein, another participant, Lara Makanjuola, who also invested N100,000 in the scheme, said she was expecting N186,000, but she had not been able to request for her money. She said anytime she requested to get help, the website said “mavros are not available for withdrawal”. The question that comes to mind is..
What is happening to MMM? Why are people still not paid their capital investment talk less of their appreciated Mavro bonuses? Is it the case that MMM is trying to play a fast one on her participants? Should all mavrodians continue to reassure themselves that their money is safe even though they are trying to overcome their greatest fear.. the fact that their investment has gone for good! MMM says " Together we change the world", the question is how true is this statement especially in the light of the present situation in which all accounts is 'technically' active but factually passive? Nigerians are yet to come to terms with the present APC- change mantra which have resulted into economic recession in the country, how does MMM expect them to embrace this their own version of Change?! In the face of this dilemma, all  Mavrodians, (MMM participants) have no choice than to remain optimistic that their pay will come through, considering, the scheme’s last message of “hope for the poor”. In the message, MMM said it “will only pay a certain amount per day”. “Please, be prepared to wait for a couple of days. We are certain things will then calm down, and the System operation will return to normal,” Lets continue to wait and see what comes next! Source: Vanguard Nelson A.Osuala
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