MURDER: Famous Businessman Absconds after killing 19 Year Old Albino for Money Ritual.


Nelson A.Osuala [14 January 2017] It is sad to know what people do to their fellow human being for material wealth! The picture you are seeing reflects those of a 19 year old youngster with an albino skin pigmentation who was murdered in cold blood in Malawi.  The youngster was allegedly murdered by a famous Malawian businessman who after the act, absconded as the Police were hunting for him. According to LIB, The businessman identified as Willard Mikayele on Tuesday allegedly lured 19-year-old Sunganani Pensulo with biscuits and juice into his house at Mlonda Village, where he killed him.
The spokesperson for police in Thyolo said when Pensulo entered the house of Mikayele and was eating the biscuit and drinking the juice, Mikayele came from behind, tied up his neck to choke him before hitting him with a sharp object.  'People around the area heard the cries and went to the chief who ordered that the door be broken.  When they got in, Pensulo's lifeless body was found, but Mikayele had ran away.' In retaliation to his death, angry mob and relatives of Pensulo have demolished 11 houses belonging to Mikayele. 
Affirming the incidence, a Malawian media Nyasa Time, informed that the late Pensulo is the 19th person with albinism killed by those who think the body parts of albinos can bring fortunes and wealth. We cannot stop to wonder what in the world is our planet turning into?! Nelson A.Osuala
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