Payment of Electricity bill is major challenge to running Teaching Hospital– CMD UCTH


Richard Ndoma|27 January 2017 The Chief Medical Director CMD of The University of Calabar Teaching Hospital UCTH, Prof. Thomas U. Agan has expressed worry over payment of electricity bill describing it as a drained pipe militating against the smooth running of the hospital NegroidHaven has learnt. Agan made the remark while fielding questions from journalists on activities at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital UCTH yesterday. The UCTH Chief Medical Director maintained that management of the hospital under his watch spends about N6m on monthly basis for the settlement of electricity bill. Agan also stated that in the absence of public power supply, management also spends a huge amount of cash for the procurement of diesel to power one 515KVA generator mounted inside the laboratory, and also to fuel another 500 KVA generator which powers the hospital theatre, Prof. Agan said, "in the absence of public power supply, the generators are functioning very well.” "We have 515 KVA generator which is mounted inside the laboratory and it can supply light to the entire hospital. Just that I don’t like them to do that because it can break down easily” "We also have a 500 KVA generator that is mounted at the theatre which supplies light to the theatre and some parts of the hospital”. Prof. Agan who is the Chairman Committee of Chief medical Directors of Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria said that management is contemplating on getting a 200 KVA generator to help power radiology department which has been in dire need of electricity energy to power sensitive equiptment. He said good power supply will prevent the radiology equipment from breakdown due to the off and on power supply from the public power supply. "It would interest you to know that among the basic infrastructure necessary to run the hospital, electricity and payment of bill is one of the greatest challenges”. When asked if the Treasury Single Account, TSA has added value in productivity with regards to management of the teaching hospital,Agan said, TSA has made management of the entire hospital cumbersome. In his words, "When Federal government introduced the Treasury Single Account (TSA), money generated be it of drug revolving fund or from anywhere must go into TSA. "There is nothing special about TSA, so any money that is going there is utilized.” "Let's assume you generate N5, 000 and you then begin to look for N10, 000, from which subhead will you get that money? If the pharmacy generates N5, 000 and they are looking for N10, 000 where do you get the money from”? Prof. Agan who is the Chairman Committee of Chief medical Directors of Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria maintained one of the policy thrust of his administration was to get that his administration is to clear all backlog of arrears and salaries owed the staff immediately funds are available. "We are paying and we will continue to pay, anybody who is being owed will be paid completely”. "I have vowed that this 2017 I want to clear as much as possible all debts owed to some of these people so that I will have peace. When I am leaving I leave in peace” Agan maintained. Richard Ndoma
Writes from Calabar