Southern Arrogance —by First Baba Isa

First Baba Isa, Esq 
First Baba Isa|8 January 2017
I think what I call Southern Arrogance is one of the biggest undoings of the South and one of the biggest blessings of the North.
An average Southerner tend to underrate the educational depth and intellectual sagacity of an average Northerner. We, in the South, still believe that a Northerner is an “aboki” who is uneducated, rears cattle, sells kolanuts, Polish shoes and begs on the street.
Southerners always underrate Northerners when it comes to leadership, organizing themselves and achieving results. This is what I call Southern Arrogance. In an upcoming essay, this is one of the reasons, I pointed out why Goodluck Jonathan lost the 2015 elections.
This blinds Southerners from noticing that for over 20 years only Northerners have been Chief Justice of Nigeria. While a staggering nonentity in the South walks around with a false sense of superiority, he doesn’t notice that millions of northerners are professors, doctors, lawyers and policy makers who are deciding the brand of the oxygen he breathes and the colour of his shit.
And the wily North is basking in this Southern Arrogance to manipulate Southerners, spring surprises and maintain a grip on the destiny of a nation.
Firsts Baba Isa
Is a legal practitioner