UYO SAGA: Queen Ekong, a victim of Reigner’s Church Collapse is laid to Rest amidst Anguish & Hot tears!


Nelson A.Osuala [15 January 2016]

The Uyo Church building collapse of last year December,which left many dead and others injured, seems to have been forgotten but its ripple effects have thus lingered from time to time. The most recent in the new year is that of the death of one Miss Queen Ekong, an undergraduate of the University of Uyo. She was a victim of the Reigner's Church building Saga. Miss Queen Ekong, one of the victims of December 19, 2016 Reigners Bible Church collapse has been recently laid to rest, after much struggle to live despite the severe injuries sustained. Unfortunately she gave up the ghost and bid farewell to her loved ones and friends which brought hot tears of anguish as it rolled down eyes knowing that she has left the living is a sad story to tell. According to our source, Late Queen Ekong, also known as Julia Adams was buried on January 5th, at the cemetery. Until her tragic death, she was an undergraduate at the University of Uyo. Her friends, family and colleagues from the University could not stop the tears that flowed down their cheeks knowing that they have lost a dear one, a beauty queen, a friend, a daughter and a loving sister! May her soul rest inĀ  peace. Source: LIB Nelson A.Osuala
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