Yala-Ogoja-Obudu Road: SA Technical attempts exorcism on social commentator in Jesus name!

Efio-Ita Nyok|29 January 2017
The Special Adviser (SA) to the Executive Governor of Cross River State on Technical Matters, Arc Eric Akpo, has attempted to exorcise an alleged ‘retardant’ and ‘anti-progress’ spirit from a popular social commentator, to wit, Barr. Joseph Odok NegroidHaven can report.
This incident transpired last week when Barr. Odok shared his Wednesday 25th January 2017 post titled ‘Like Super High Way like Yala-Ogoja-Obudu Road: Cross River State Governor Sows Seeds of War through wanton revocation of Lands‘ to the Edward Onabe’s administered Facebook group namely Cross River State Coalition for Change.
Yala-Ogoja-Obudu graded path bordering a rural residence 
In the four-paragraphed social media thread Barr. Odok alleged with pictorial support that Gov Ben Ayade has abandoned the Yala-Ogoja-Obudu road construction project just like he did with the dead-at-arrival 340km dual carriage Super Highway billed to span Bakassi to Obudu LGAs as an evacuation corridor for the Deep Seaport project anticipated to be cited at Bakassi LGA.
According to the popular social commentator, ‘no compensation paid to those whose lands are revoked, no environmental impact assessment, no credible company to execute the multi billion naira project, no systematic action plan, no sustainable source of income etc;
‘More than 30% of Cross River land have been revoked by the governor for project that are not viable: Lands have been revoked for construction of super high way, for rice farm and other Agricultural projects, for new cities, and now for Yala-Ogoja-Obudu. Of all these revocation, no compensation has been paid nor is there yet a process for compensation of people lands have been destroyed;

‘The worst that can happen to a poor man is to take his land. Remember the cause of war in Africa is mostly because of land. Ayade Benedict is showing the seed of war, yet our stakeholders are quite about this’, his statements read in part.
The cross effigy in front of Arc Akpo is instructive of his religiousity 
Odok’s #OurMumuTooMuch-signed thread must have infuriated Arc Akpo who observed that Odok is stubbornly devilish.

Akpo informed that the said Yala-Ogoja-Obudu Road which the social commentator was referring to was still in progress being at its early phases of construction. The public official who argued that Odok’s criticism was a set of ‘misleading misconceptions’ was inspired by a retardant and anti-progress spirit who only delights in condemning a good thing especially at the nascent stage. In Akpo’s words, (Odok) ‘You won’t stop being devilish! The project like every other project of Ayade Administration is in progress, your misleading misconceptions are not enough to stop any of Ayade’s projects!!!

Akpo’s rebuttal took an interesting turn when he graduated into an exorcist, that is, the demon-scaring public officer (Hmmm, wonders shall never end in Ayade’s administration!). The mantra that Akpo invoked in the name of one Jesus reads thus, ‘Joe my brother, it is not you but the devil in you that I course, you have been possessed by a retardant spirit, the spirit of anti-progress, which delights in condemning a good thing from the beginning before its fruition, which kills joy before it is born, which stands in the way of progress, but I tell you most solemnly, darkness and light do not fight, darkness departs at the emergence of light! Sorrow only lasts for a while but joy cometh in the morning, I rebuke that foul spirit in you in the name of Jesus!’
Graded path of Yala-Ogoja-Obudu road. Will this road be completed as alleged by Akpo? 
But, it seems this Akpoistic demon refused to leave the consistently criticising social commentator because Odok during the session-in-exorcism would still contend under Akpo’s anointing thus, ‘Arc Eric Akpo can you justify why taxi drivers are still paying tax despite pronouncement of tax exemption for low income earners by the governor on two different occasions? Face issues raised and stop attacking my person my brother’.

Between Special Adviser Eric Akpo and Barr. Joseph Odok who needs exorcism? 

Efio-Ita Nyok
Is a Blogger, the Editor & Publisher of NegroidHaven.org