An Ode to My Adele —Simon Utsu


Simon Utsu|19 February 2017 Adele won 5 grammys recently. The only word I can use to describe her for now is "enchanting". The English seem to have a way of churning out 5-star female vocalists. Just when I was sulking over the demise of young songstress, Amy Whinehouse, Adele burst onto the scene. She hits the highest vocal notes so effortlessly that listening to her creates the same soothing and mesmerising effect in me as does a classic jazz tune (like Flamenco sketches by Miles Davis etc). And she's the quintessential modest and well mannered-typical English lady pop/soul diva- much like Sade and Shirley Bassey who came before here. I fell in love with Adele's music when I first listened to her spell binding performance of the theme song to the James Bond movie Skyfall. In short, Adele is the new Mariah Carey; an upgraded version for that matter!  #EOD Simon Utsu
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