C’River Library Complex today under Professors Ben Ayade & Ivara Ejemot Esu. Be the judge

Rare view of the library complex 
Efio-Ita Nyok|1 February 2017
Monday 26 January 2017 saw social change agent, Barr. Joseph Odok, at Cross River State Library Complex. The dilapidated, unkempt and demoralising state of the infrastructure compels to query the professorship in Mr Ben Ayade and Ivara Esu, Executive Governor and Deputy Governor of Cross River State.
Odok observed that the structure showed glaring signs of years of neglect and unattention, the hygiene of both the interior and exterior suggest two things, either the staff are not properly motivated or the management of the system need reorientation on public property management, the aesthetics is enough to discourage readership and the gory list continues on end. Let’s see how Odok best describes his experience.
Dusty abandoned staff chair and table 
Can Professors/Governor and Deputy Governor Hate Education?: Let Cross River State Library Complex Speak

‘One of the campaign promises that won the massive support for the candidature of the Ayade Benedict  was his promise of revitalizing the education sector. This promise was easily sold because Ayade and the Deputy Governor of Cross River State are both Professor.
Empty books shelf 
‘Unfortunately, the administration of Benedict Ayade has shown hatred for education. Federal Government intervention in education has rather witnessed no meaningful impact because of misappropriation of funds.
‘Ayade seems not to bother about improving the education standard in the state.
‘To date, Cross River State is yet to clear backlog of debt owed WAEC for years. This is the reason why the results of students from state secondary schools were withheld making citizens to lose administration in the recently released JAMB admission list.
‘Our primary and secondary schools are in their worst; churning out students that cannot write any exams without examination malpractice. Graduate from our state owned secondary and primary schools cannot compete with nursery school pupils in most private institutions.
Abandoned books on the floor
‘The state scholarship program that was sustained by previous administration stopped with the Ayade’s government. Even funding for Cross River State sponsored foreign students have been stopped by the Ayade’s government.
‘State owned tertiary institutions like CRUTECH, College of Education, and institute of Management Technology, Obudu and Ogoja School of midwifery and nursing are worst off in the days of Professor Benedict Ayade and Professor Ivara Esu (governor and Deputy Governor respectively)
Torn, old and outdated books 
‘My visit to Cross River State Library Complex was an embarrassment and eyesore. The library shelf was empty with books mostly published within the period of 1878-1937. The latest books were those published in the late 1990’s.
‘Besides the dilapidated structure stocked with outdated book, the library Complex is a home of cobwebs, cockroaches and dust. 
‘The question is can a Professor actually hate Education? Let the pictures of Cross River State Library Complex provide the answer.’
Unkempt structures, not painted, dirty, etc
It may be paradoxical to say the duo of two professors in Governor’s Office ‘hate education’, what then is the challenge.
Cobwebed walls capable of scaring students 
Efio-Ita Nyok
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