I can’t exist without you my Val, Atlanta-based social commentator confesses to wife


Efio-Ita Nyok|14 February 2017 Today does not need an introduction or elaborate description —it's Valentine's Day! It's a day of love. An Atlanta-based development economist, social entrepreneur and social commentator, Mr Princewill Odidi has told his wife, Shantel, among other beautiful things that he can't exist without her. Hmmm… That phrase got me thinking again and again. Mr Princewill did this barely an hour ago in his Valentine Day Message titled:  'Valentines Message to my Wife!' which is a three stanza, and about twenty lines poem. In each of these stanzas the phrase, 'I Can't…' characterises the line. In fact, 18 'I can't' phrases precedes statements that culminates into the zenith of an I can't proposition — 'I can't exist without you in my lovely wife.'. 'I can't talk to you without feeling honor,
I can't see you without feeling wonder,
I can't touch you without feeling pure,
I can't feel you without wanting more,
I can't hold you without feeling safe,
I can't kiss you without feeling great,
I can't miss you without feeling pain,
I can't meet you without wanting to again, 'I can't watch you without feeling awe,
I can't love you without feeling loved,
I can't lay with you without feeling passion,
I can't stay away without feeling rationed,
I can't dream of you without sleeping soundly,
I can't cope without you around me,
I can't sleep without you in the bed,
I can't be alive without feeling your breath,
I can't think without you on my mind,
I can't leave without feeling unkind, 'But most of all,
I can't exist without you in my lovely wife. It Valentine's Day, just to say you are my Val now and always!'. Shantel who must have been feeling very awesome about her hubby's deliberate choice of words exclaimed —'Thanks love, my hubby, my best friend and my all, God's perfect gift to me, I love you now and always!'. Efio-Ita Nyok
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