JUNGLE JUSTICE IN CALABAR: Social Commentator frowns against mob action


Efio-Ita Nyok |18 February Ogoja-born leading social commentator, Prince Thomas Abi Jr, has taken a swipe at Cross Riverians who embarked on lynching four youths in Calabar South on Thursday 16 February. Prince Abi who contrasted the act of theft by politicians and that of these unfortunate youths has said rich thieves protect themselves unlike the poor. 'It is only in Nigeria that you will see a poor man hating his fellow poor man (citizen) with so much contempt. It is most unfortunate that the ordinary Nigerian has not realised that while we kill ourselves the rich are always ready  to protect themselves no matter the offence committed. 'I read on www.crossriverwatch.com and  www.negriodhaven.org with great shock how some boys were burnt beyond recognition in Calabar for stealing. How did we get to this level where we do not value human life? 'All those involved in the lynching of these young men have they never stolen a pin before? Are they as righteous as they portray themselves to take the life of a fellow man? 'The poor must understand that it is as a result of hardship, joblessness, frustration, lack of hope and hunger that a young man will take to stealing. 'If these over zealous young men who took laws in their hands are so eager to turn things for the better; they should take to lynching corrupt persons that have robbed this country of our common wealth. 'It pains me to the marrow that the poor are still not wise. We are still very ignorant of the fact that we must unite and fight against the ills going on in this country. 'Why celebrate a robber who steals with his/her pen? Then sniff life out of a man who was probably pushed into robbery as a result of frustration or unemployment.' Prince Abi frowned against taking laws into our hands and finally called on the police to identify culprits. 'I am not in anyway trying to insight the poor against the rich. No! But the right thing has to be done. We must not celebrate those who are the core robbers of our national wealth and kill those who are probably pushed into crime and other social vices due to hunger created by our corrupt elites. 'Nigerians and indeed Cross Riverians must not take laws into their hands. 'It is on this note that I therefore call on the Nigeria Police Force to immediately fish out the perpetrators of these heinous act.' Efio-Ita Nyok
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