LYNCHING IN CALABAR: One burnt beyond recognition for alleged robbery at Access School road

Cremated body inside a drain along Atimbo road
Efio-Ita Nyok|22 February 2017
An unidentified male who was accused of robbery three two days ago was burnt to death beyond recognition by unknown individuals living around Access School road at Calabar Municipality.
Information garnered by NegroidHaven has it that an illegal court of public opinion resident along the axis arrived at condemning the alleged criminal to a capital punishment on the surmising that he has a notoriety for being an alleged criminal.
Jungle justice in Calabar metropolis is on an alarming increase. The public has lost confidence in the Nigerian Police in addressing security challenges of this nature because of the later institution having a notoriety for reintroducing these alleged culprits into society without allowing justice a place.
He was burnt to death with car tire
But can society justify lynching? I doubt. If we allow everyone the right to take laws into their hands especially in this regard the implications are obvious —society with its civilization will fall. Can we relate with this level of anarchy? 
Conversely, it’s unbelievable anarchy for teenagers to pick up arms and rob at gun point in broad day light. Security agencies should step up their game!
Efio-Ita Nyok
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