MARKAFI Vs SHERIFF: Ayade warms up to deputise Sheriff as Vice President

Ayade in company of some northern traditional stools during a last year marriage ceremony 
Joseph Odok|21 February 2017
There was lots of excitement, drumming and celebration in Cross River State PDP Secretariat yesterday. The celebration of Ali Modi Sheriff Appeal Court victory and the return of the Cross River State diaspora governor Mr. Ben Ayade is not unconnected with the victory of Sheriff in the appeal court ruling of today that declared Sheriff as the authentic chairman of PDP.
It should be recalled that the Makarafi faction of PDP had denied Ayade as the legitimate PDP flag bearer prior to his Supreme Court victory in a case of pergury filed against him by Joe Agi SAN. 
Also worthy of note is the fact that the Senator John Owan Enoh and Liyel Imoke had began moves to frustrate Mr Ben Ayade in Cross River State PDP for anti party activities and destruction of existing PDP structures in Cross River State
Governors Fayose and Wike had earlier worked for the emergence of Sheriff. 
But upon discovery of the double standards of Sheriff,  the duo of Fayose and Wike fell apart with Sheriff and have gone for the candidacy of Makarafi. The fall out of Fayose and Wike with Sheriff was opon discovery that Sheriff have both promised Fayose and Wike the Vice presidential slot. 
Consequently, with the victory of Sheriff, Ayade stands a possible candidate for Vice President; hence the wanton celebration in Cross River State PDP Secretariat by loyalist of Mr Ben Ayade.
What then is the fate of Senator John Owan Enoh and Liyel Imoke in Cross River State PDP? Only time will tell.
Cry Cross River State PDP: Ayade Disarrayed over Cross River State PDP publicity Secretary’s Anti Shariff Press Statement.
The battle for the soul of Cross River State PDP by Governor Ben Ayade has suffered a setback today. This setback was occasioned by a Press Statement by the Cross River State PDP Publicity Secretary rejecting Shariff as the authentic Chairman of PDP even after declaration by the Appeal Court judgement.
It should be recalled that over the weekend, our Diaspora Governor had returned home to celebrate the victory of Shariff in the appeal Court. The celebration saw the party’s faithful loyal to Ayade in an orgy of dance, drumming and celebration. The rationale for the celebration was to send a signal that Mr Ayade, the Governor of Cross River State is in charge of the Cross River State PDP structures. Another reason for the celebration was to discredit Senator Liyel Imoke and Senator Owan Enoh who have strategized with Markarafi’s camp waiting to send Ayade to an early political grave.
Having played a good script of manipulation, the declaration of Shariff as the authentic chairman of PDP and the celebration of Shariff victory in Cross River State PDP Secretariat had send signals that Cross River State is for Shariff and Ayade is truly in charge of Cross River State PDP (especially after manipulation of ward congresses to the Governor’s favour). Ayade who had stolen the show even after bastardizing PDP Cross River State met a rock with the Press Statement by Mr Egbung Odama Egbung
Information at my desk has it that, the PDP Publicity Secretary Mr Egbung Odama Egbung had outsmarted the Governor and sent a statement over AIT that gives a rejection of Shariff by Cross River State PDP. The publicity Secretary Mr Egbung Odama Egbung outrightly held that the Cross River State PDP do not accept the candidature of Sheriff as the chairman of PDP. This statement sents a signal that Mr Ayade who have always claimed mastery of politics may actually be living in a fools paradise, Mr Ayade may actually be having enemies within him. Recall that an event like this betrayal happened when Ayade was openly rejected by PDP lawyer prior to his supreme Court judgement of a case of perjury against Ayade versus Joe Agi.
The bewilderment of Ayade seems to be because an AIT snitch to the Governor Ayade Benedict Mr. Rasheed Olanrewewaju Zubsir, retained for a monthly  sum of 5 million naira besides a bus attachment is the betraying point for the publication of the Anti Shariff Press Statement. Ayade is yet to fathom why a man under his retaineship could publish a news item in conflict of his interest. This has exposed the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor Mr. Christian Ita to the Governor.

It is greed and a show of professional misconduct for a man on retaineship to to publish a Press Statement against his principal, hence the AIT correspondence should be called to order and thought the discipline of media profession.

The issue of the publication of Anti Shariff Press Statement by Mr Egbung Odama Egbung may appear trivial, but it sends signals that even those who are working with the Governor may actually sell off and will be ready to work with any force in opposition to the Governor.
Should this be victory for the Senator Owan Enoh PDP faction that Ayade is still a child in the business of politics or a mere pay back and betrayal of the Governor by the State’s Publicity Secretary? Could the steps by the Cross River State Publicity secretary be interpreted to be one meant to underscore the frustration of PDP Cross River  and assertion of disapproval of Ayade? Could the action of the AIT snitch to the Governor be interpreted as the larger picture signalling that those working with Ayade so so waiting for better opportunity to strike? Only time shall tell
Joseph Odok Esq Ph.D
Social Change Agent