NIGERIA IN GOD’S MIND: Reinhard Bonnke to pass burning touch to Africa’s most populous country!


Efio-Ita Nyok|19 February 2017 German-born pentecostal evangelist, Reinhard Willi Gottfried Bonnke, who is basically known for his gospel crusades across the length and breath of Africa had on 17 February indicated his intention to handover the spiritually burning torch to the present generation of Nigerians NegroidHaven can report. The 76 year old man of God while giving an update on his health via his official social media account on Facebook said that the Lord had spoken to him to return to Africa for an awesome opportunity to 'pass my burning touch to this generation'. According to him, three weeks ago he conferred with the spiritual leadership in Lagos, Nigeria in the attempt to propose the idea to them. Subsequently, a crusade was unanimously agreed upon. It's called the —Nigeria Gospel Crusade. '… the Lord spoke to me, that I myself have to go back to Africa for one great opportunity TO PASS MY BURNING TORCH to this generation. 'Three weeks ago I traveled to Lagos/Nigeria to propose this to the spiritual leadership there. I was invited for this crusade unanimously', Bonnke said. Bonnke who confessed to being seriously ill and having gone through medical treatment observed that he is recuperating rapidly: 'On my return everything fell into place health wise. I am gaining strength rapidly… 'If you ask me, I wished the whole world could come'. At Christ Embassy last week while ministering, Reverend Benny Hinn said a similar thing about Nigeria taking Christ Jesus to the world in an unprecedented manner. Hmmm… Something must be cooking in the third heaven for Nigeria that eyes are not seeing! Efio-Ita Nyok
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