One reportedly kidnapped in Ebuka Ebuka street in Calabar South. Residents now live in fear


Efio-Ita Nyok|12 February 2017 Yesternight there were gun shots at Ebuka Ebuka axis of Calabar South. Information from a popular whitsle blower, Ifere Paul, has it that it was a kidnapping incident. NegroidHaven is yet to confirm the information from the police. According to him a lady was kidnapped. The identity of the kidnapped woman is one Mrs Samuel, wife of the treasurer of Akim Timbre market wood sellers association, 'One woman was kidnapped by a group of 5 local guns and 2 AK47 yielding gangsters. 'According to a resident at Ebuka Ebuka, a notorious community in Calabar South known to be a hideout of many hoodlums and gangsters, the shooting in Ebuka Ebuka last night was actually a kidnapping incident. 'The information has it that one Mr Samuel, the Treasurer of Akim Timbre market wood sellers association wife was kidnapped at gun point in their house. 'The kidnappers came in from the backyard of the house., and started shooting into the air. Before anyone could call the police, Mama G (Glory) has been taken. 'Everyone is very pensive in Ebuka Ebuka this morning. People are gathered in groups talking in whispers. This is the number 8 kidnapping between November last year and this years.
Please Paul, last year when the small girl was kidnapped, your story about Ebuka Ebuka helped us a lot. The police stationed a truck here. But after Christmas, the police are gone leaving us empty. There's no day without robbery at Ebuka Ebuka. 'Please help us tell the government to come to our rescue. Nobody helps us at Ebuka Ebuka to evacuate our waste. Nobody helps us to patch the or fix the potholes on our roads. And there's no security presence here. We are allowed to die rot. Yet we pay double tax regimes of this government,' one concerned citizen in Ebuka Ebuka explains to me on phone. 'The kidnappers has not made any contact with Mama G's family yet.' The rate of crime in Calabar metropolis is becoming alarming. It seems the over one month absence of His Excellency the Governor of Cross River State from the state is manifesting through the increment in criminal activities. Efio-Ita Nyok
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