PLAN TO ATTEND: Online Mastery for Church Leaders, Digitalise your ministry

Ukorebi Esien Ukorebi|10 February 2017
The world today is digitalised and as representatives of God here on earth with a mission and an assignment to preach the world to the outermost part of the earth, our strategy and tools must  all change so as to meet the new trend and reach out to the unreached.
Some years ago the “Unreached” were those in the remote village, but today, the “unreached” are those in the cyber world. While the pastor mounts the pulpit and travels round the world to preach he/she can’t reach those online.
Many pastors have discovered this and there are seriously using it to advance God’s Kingdom and destroying satanic gates that have closed the door against God’s children. The good thing about the online world is that it does not only make your voice to be heard but it enriches you financially so that you can comfortably do the work of God and see result not insult.
If you have been thinking how does these things work? How can I also spread my message and thoughts online? How do I sell my books and make great profit from it while I spend less on publishing? How do I expand my ministry and affect more lives? Etc If all these and many more are the questions crowding your mind daily. Then think no more. Here is the solution.
How to use online tools to spread your message to a global audience in 60Days.
Ukorebi Esien Ukorebi
Is a media expert