Press Release: Conveners of botched 6th Feb Protest cancels solidarity protest in Calabar


6th February 2017 Ladies and Gentlemen, On behalf of Young Democratic Party, Not Too Young To Rule Initiative and Cross River Public Accountability Forum, I wish to thank everyone for the solidarity and determination to participate in tomorrow's protest. It is unfortunate that for whatever reason the protest has been cancelled by the Convener, 2Face Idibia. However, I believe strongly that the message has been passed to those concern. Once again, the voice of the silent majority sounded loud and clear. I call on those in authority at all levels to wake up to their responsibilities as we will no longer keep silent in matters that concern our people. I call on President Muhammadu Buhari to evolve new and better ways to take Nigeria out of the current economic doldrum. I also call on Governor Benedict Ayade to halt his foreign trips in search of investors and rather concentrate in making the state safe and the business environment attractive to investors. If they fail to deliver on their mandate this year, we will remove them by all means in the next election. Friends, the security forces have only succeeded in postponing the long expected REVOLUTION. Enough is Enough! This nonsense must stop! Thank you. Anthony Bissong Attah
For Conveners