RE: DSS detains 5 of its operatives for invading FGGC, Calabar. 7 questions begging for answers


Efio-Ita Nyok|12 February 2017 On 2nd of February 2017, one Mr Owai Owai, a Civic Education teacher of over 17 years standing punished an SSS 3 student by name Grace Loveth Asuquo, for gross misconduct along side other students, but one of the student decided to call her parents who were DSS officials. Punch reported that 'The DSS has incarcerated 5 of its personnel for storming Federal Government Girls College in Calabar and flogging a teacher because he allegedly beat a student who is the child of a DSS agent.' A source at the agency said authorities were embarrassed by the incident. 'Their arrest and detention was an indication that the DSS has officially commenced investigations into the matter in line with its set out standards of arresting such issues that involves their personnel,' the source said. 'The agents were detained in the Cross River branch of the DSS.' However, while this development of incarceration of these personnel invoked excitement it should be observed that there is suspicion that the DSS played a fast one on the collective intelligence of Nigerians. Barr. First Baba Isa the learned counsel in this case for the FGCC has best captured this mood in his yesterday Facebook post titled: DSS DETAINS 5 OF ITS OPERATIVES FOR INVADING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT COLLEGE CALABAR… BUT BEFORE WE CELEBRATE… Isa who confessed to being originally happy at the news of the apprehension of the recalcitrant DSS officials has asked no fewer than 7 questions that undermines the veracity of the news concerning the entire incident. Isa's inquiry on behalf of his client borders on the failure of the DSS to offer an official statement on the incident, the refusal of the DSS to get the school authority involved in the official investigation, the absence of Grace Loveth Asuquo, her mother and relatives etc at this critical period. According to Isa the DSS is likely buying time to allow for the fervour to wane among the public. In the words of Isa, 'I can't deny the good feeling this brought but before we celebrate let's ask some questions: '1. No official statement was issued by the DSS in this regards. The Punch report quoted an unnamed source. Should the identity of the operatives and process of bringing them to book be shrouded in administrative secrecy? '2. Now they say they are embarrassed by the action of their operatives. But until I shared videos and pictures that planted them on the scene, they denied they were never in that school and later said they got a distress call to save the teachers from the attack of hoodlums. If their presence there was in response to a distress call then why are they saying no one authorised them to storm the school and why are they embarrassed? '3. Is someone feeding us this story to give us a sense of victory and make us abandon the quest for justice? Why is the DSS not getting the school involved? '4. It is not us against them. We are on their side. Our action is to help the DSS rid itself of overzealous agents. Yesterday the army sent senior officers to apologize to a disabled man who was brutalized by soldiers for wearing an army camouflage uniform. They even gave him compensation money. They are even getting the public involved in the process of disciplining the errant soldiers. Is that too much to demand from the DSS? '5. Where is Grace Loveth Asuquo, the student who called her mum and aunt to come beat up teachers in school because she was flogged? Where are her parents? Where are the DSS operatives who beat up teachers in FGGC on Thursday, February 2 2017? When are we going to get justice for the battered, brutalized and demoralized teachers? '6. Who is trying to gag us so that we don't ask for justice? They are banking on the whim that we will soon get tired. They think we will stop talking about this. We will stop sharing. Stop posting. Then it will die. But no it won't. Until justice is done. '7. Where are the ex students of this school and other Unity Schools? Where are men and women of good will everywhere? Will you let this be swept under the carpet?' Is the DSS playing on the intelligence of Nigerians? Is the DSS condoning unprofessional attitude amongst its officers? Or, is it the official norm for officers of the DSS to act in such manners? In what way was the discipline of Miss Asuquo of FGGC Calabar a breach of security warranting the unholy invasion of 5 disgruntled members of the DSS? In what way was that 2nd February unprofessionalism a type of gathering intelligence? Nigerians need answers! Efio-Ita Nyok
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