READING: Economist eulogises art of reading in 6 stanzas. Don’t want to miss his 5th stanza


Peter Francis Offum|21 February 2017 Reading A major path,
Leading to an oasis of knowledge,
In a desert of ignorance,
A potent antidote,
For the poison of ignorance,
Such is the power of reading! Reading,
Gives to the mind,
What exercise gives to the body,
It can be so kind,
And makes you somebody,
Such is the gift of reading! Reading,
Makes you a seer,
Then you'll become a thinker,
Who metamorphoses to a doer,
Finally, you're a great leader,
Such is the beauty of reading! Reading,
Makes you somebody,
Not reading,
Also makes you somebody,
But not the same person,
Choose to be that somebody,
Who is a friend of books! Reading,
Is the genuine ticket,
To meet the movers,
And the shakers,
As reading has made you a joiner,
A small fish,
In a big pond! There is no time,
Do not drop your books,
Read every day,
From dawn till dusk,
Womb to tomb,
See you at the top! Peter Francis Offum
Is a bourgeoning Nigerian poet