UNICAL Matriculation: impatient Nigerians attempting to pass through pigeon hole post

Without the stick they would not reason and act accordingly 
Efio-Ita Nyok|8 February 2017
On Friday 3rd February 7,600 candidates who were successful at the 2016/17 UTME and POST-UTME qualifying exams today took the oath of initiation into the University of Calabar. Out of this number, 65% were admitted into science based courses while 35% were admitted into Arts and Humanities.
Around the Abraham Odia Stadium venue of the matriculation ceremony there is an exit that leads one out of the University of Calabar to Goldie Road to the right and Mount Zion Road to the left.
They almost got suffocated
The crowd as usual was unprecedented. With just a pigeon hole for entrying and exiting Nigerians acted less human when everyone attempted to pass through this needle hole entrance/exit point. Those inside wanted to leave all at once and those from Goldie road wanted to enter all at once! But this post can only allow just an individual per time. But could you imagine everyone seeking to enter and exit attempting to do so all at once!?
Nothing told them that the crowd could not pass through that hole all at once whether only entrying or exiting. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I tried hard to rationalise and justify the absence of — patience! Alas! I couldn’t.
Emotions plays a big role over reason… See the stick! 
It took a fierce-looking-big-stick-wielding security officers to cause these impatient lot to file in a single line thereby acting rationally.
My fellow Nigerians, change begins with me and you. It’s high time our educational curriculum begins to overhaul the present civic education. Patience should be taught passionately as a national value.
Because of the stick we had a line, where is our common rationality? Are humans rational as Aristotle argues? 
Efio-Ita Nyok
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