WHO’S TO BLAME? Dev. Economist pose queries on spate of armed robbery incidents in Calabar

L-R: Apprehended suspected armed robbers in Calabar three days ago and Princewill Odidi 
Efio-Ita Nyok|18 February 2017
A Nigerian development economist, social entrepreneur and social commentator, Mr Princewill Odidi, who consults for the World Bank has aired his perspective on the recent spree of armed robbery and the lynching in Calabar, Cross River State.
In a seven paragraphed thread on social media Odidi has inquired into why there’s increased rate of crime in Cross River nay Nigeria? This puzzled Atlanta-based social commentator sought to know how promising kids with a sound religious and educational background could end up with recalcitrant attitudes?
‘The spate of theft and armed robbery is increasing daily in calabar and other cities in Nigeria. In some cases jungle justice is applied and some unfortunate ones are caught and summarily burnt to death. A few years ago, some of these robbers were promising young kids in primary and secondary schools, some may have been students on distinction. Some where active in Sunday schools and bible clubs, but today they end up hardened criminals.
‘The question is, what went wrong and at what point did it go wrong? How did some of these promising young kids end up as thieves and robbers? Who is to blame?’
Odidi further questioned whether parents or government where to blame. He even went as far as asking whether society was to take responsibility. Another sphere that the development economist took on was the country’s failing economy:
‘Is it their parents who could not provide for them and give them a good life, or is it the government who has refused to create opportunities for these kids to venture in promising education or business enterprises?
‘Is it the society who have refused to help create orphanages to address homelessness resulting to kids ending up as street kids, and hardened criminals?
‘Is it that it is the harshness of the economy that has pushed this children to stealing or do we say exposure to hard drugs may be responsible? The pictures below happened today in Calabar. Where have we gone wrong as a society?
Finally, Odidi cast his questioning on organised religion especially the proselytising character of Christianity. Is stealing genetic was another concern for this inquirer? He ended his full throttle inquiry-based thread finding the morality of jungle justice:

‘Much more, it is still possible that the church is not evangelizing enough to catch them young for the kingdom of heaven or as some people would say, these boys are born criminals, stealing runs in their blood, it’s a family handwork, they are actually born thieves.
‘They deserve death when caught, society will be safer without them. Do you agree? What’s your own opinion?’
Odidi’s thread incited reactions that saw Nigerians being polarised on the issue. I have captured them in screen shots.
Efio-Ita Nyok
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