Birthday Msg to Gov Ayade: Every street child isn’t Skolombo —Achievers Wisdom House


Ukorebi Esien Ukorebi|2 March 2017 Your Excellency, As you mark your birthday today, we at Achievers Wisdom House wish you well and pray God's unending grace upon you in Jesus name. As you celebrate today, please don't forget the children on the street, they deserve a life, a better life indeed. Your administration have succeeded in tagging the street children in the state 'Skolombo boys/Lacasera girl' without providing a lasting solution to their menace thus even the kind hearted masses are no more kindly disposed to them again as hunger and starvation have become their daily experiences, but not for some NGOs like Achievers Wisdom House who are still working with these kids. I wonder why we decided to name-tag these poor little fellas just because a few of them out of neglect from parent, society and even the government formed a community of survival for themselves? We now believe every child seen on the street today is a 'Skolombo' child. My argument to this is that if we say every street child is a 'skolombo' child then every student on tertiary education campus is a cultist. Truth be told my beloved governor, my thinking is that you set up operation 'Skolombo' in order to avoid your responsibility of taking care of this street children. These children are harmless, vulnerable and hungry. They could be anybody's child. I advise that you go close to them and you will be surprised why most of them are on the street. Let's not name-tag them, rather let's show them love and care, let's assist and make sure they become better citizens. Killing and forcefully taking them out of town is not the best solution, it's only temporal as those children will still find their way back to the street. You can't completely change a human by changing his environment but by changing his/her thinking  he/she will voluntary see the need to change his environment. My appeal to the governor and government of CRS is that as you use state resources to celebrate your birthday today, let's ''look again'' on the street kids and be merciful to them. They deserve a life, they deserve good education, they deserve love, care and a home. Ukorebi Esien Ukorebi
Lead Director
Achievers Wisdom House