CALABARGATE: Cult gang rivalry take 7 lives yesterday, see 4 streets affected and other details

Efio-Ita Nyok|21 March 2017
By the latest count, though unverified yet, no fewer than seven lives were lost yesterday 20th March to the ongoing cult gang rivalry taking place in Cross River State capital city NegroidHaven can report.
This publication is about the location these miscreants ‘dropped’ this lives, the alleged number of lives taken at each spot and probably any other details surrounding the notorious activity of these faceless men of the underworld.
Four streets were affected yesterday, namely, Nsemo (one live was taken here), Eyamba around Presbyterian Church (one live was taken here too making two), Old Odukpani road(one live was taken here also making three), Goldie at UNICAL small market (two lives were lost making it five), UNICAL male hostel at Malabor (one live was lost making it six) and UNICAL outside male hostel at Malabor (the seventh live was taken).
Latest information also alleges that this ‘clash of the titans’ borders principally around two confraternities —Klans and Vikings. And that this recent crisis is a follow up of the last incident of last year where there was a similar crisis. The Klans may be revenging the lives of their ‘fallen men’. That those actually involved in the butcher are from neighbouring Akwa Ibom state.
Calabar, the state capital is presently engulfed in a deadly cult gang rivalry that took off sequel to the gruesome murder of Dr. Emmanuel Igbeng the Accounting lecturer at Faculty of Management Science at University of Calabar (UNICAL) last week. This latest security breach is unconnected to Dr Igbeng’s assassination. Why it is said to have enveloped all of Calabar, both south and west especially Calabar Municipality, is because there seem to be a spread of these alleged cultists at the location of the taking of their lives not because the west is becoming as insecure as the south.
I blame this recent eruption of violence, random shootings, maiming, killing, etc to the poor intelligence gathering capacity of the Nigerian Police in Cross River. What is ‘intelligent’ about the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) of the Cross River State Police Command and Nigerian Police, Zone 6?
Efio-Ita Nyok
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