Fulani herdsmen Besiege Benue,Slaughters 4 persons,as Villagers desert Houses for Fear!


Nelson A.Osuala [2 March 2017]
Information reaching our news desk has it that some  armed men suspected to be Fulani herdsmen have reportedly invaded the Gbemacha council ward in Gwer LGA of Benue state, killing not less than 4 persons in the community. According to our source, the 'bewitched' herdsmen stormed the community at night without provocation and brutally murdered an elderly man and three other villagers. Our correspondence gathered from an eyewitness that the  herdsmen had prior to this time, in the last few weeks migrated into the community with uncontrolled herds of cow which destroyed several cassava farms in the area.

Quoting the witness: “They development did not go down well with youths of the area who tried to resist them but were equally countered by the armed herdsmen who besieged the community in their numbers and sacked the locals from their homes.” Corroborating the incidence,  the SA to the State Governor, on Bureau for Lands and Survey, Prof. Jonathan Uever, who hails from the area, confirmed the story and added that 'the attack was grossly irrational, unwarranted and unprovoked'!. In his words as culled from vanguard, he argues thus: “They were not provoked in any way, from what I gathered from my people who have been giving me update on the crisis in the last three days, the herdsmen stormed Gbemacha council ward and everybody ran for their lives. “They took over our community and broke into people’s houses, destroyed food barns and whatever food the they saw were burnt. “After that they went and hid near a popular well in the community laying wait for the people, the first person they saw was an elderly man, they shot and slaughtered him including three others. This incessant killings without justification must stop!. This is a wakeup call for the Federal Government and security agents to actively work on clamping down on these irrational and inhuman actors and to also ensure that justice is served to the fullest in apprehending the culprits. Nelson A.Osuala
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