Gov Ayade, it’s time to weep again! —being a letter from C’Riverians in diaspora


Richard Duke|22 March 2017 •This time it's for Calabar, your state capital, with a little more weeping emphasis on Calabar South. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. The killings, bloodbath and unchallenged rampage of cultists on the streets of Calabar that have left all of us in a state of bemused fear. •Your Excellency, Calabar is now in 'Temple Run' mode and you seriously need to do something about it. You have wept for Bakassi twice already in the last couple of months so we already know that you have some passion for the people of Calabar but you need to get a grip of things. The security of lives and property stops with you. That's why we elected you. •When you were swearing-in the new acting Chief Judge today I thought that you would weep again, seize the moment and captivate your audience by letting them know about your plans for the restoration of law and order in Calabar. That would have caught national attention and put the searchlight on those bad cultists who are trying to give your tenure a bad reputation. When I didn't see you weep today I knew I had to bring this 'temple run' thingy and bloodbath orgy to your attention. •There's nothing wrong in weeping. I've seen President Obama weep before, I've also seen President George Bush Jnr too weep before (wouldn't it be awesome to see President Putin weep once a while). Personally, I do weep at times, especially when my beloved Arsenal FC purposely lose matches they should be winning. Enough of the sarcasm. •The Bible says that "weeping may endure for a night time but joy comes in the morning". However between the weeping and joy phases there is an anger phase. People are getting angry that Calabar is now becoming the 'Wild, Wild South' ( I'm sure you've watched the 'Wild,Wild West' series on Black and White TV as a kid?). People are getting angry that you don't care about them. They say that you are pursuing 'Signature Projects' to the detriment of building a peaceful state or preserving a state capital where staying alive is a lottery contest. No one knows who's number will be up next. •Your Excellency. We are not asking you to exhibit some temporary show of force by mobilising all your Green Police and Homeland Security vehicles to every part of Calabar while you trudge on majestically in your camouflage like in a Callywood scene. Just get a grip of things and …if you do have any spare tears to cry for the perpetual bloodshed in Calabar they will be highly appreciated! Regards Richard Duke
On behalf of your fellow guys in Diaspora.