Happy birthday: Whether 49, 50 or 51, we must celebrate you as our Governor —YDP State Leader


Efio-Ita Nyok|3 March 2017 Yesterday, 2 March was the birthday of the Executive Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade. No doubt His Excellency has enjoyed numerous best wishes, however, politicians particularly those critical of His Excellency's performance with almost two years into office as governor have been glaringly sarcastic. Their sarcasm highlights the year of birth of Gov Ayade. For instance, Mr Joe Agi SAN Vs CRS PDP with Governor Ben Ayade as third respondent suit which was finally resolved on 9th December 2016 brought to the fore the idea that Cross River incumbent Governor is a super-human/semi-divine having being born thrice (on three occasions) on the same day of 2 March —Benedict Bengioushuye Ayade was reportedly born on 1966, 1967 and 1968 respectively making him 51, 50 and 49 years of age. The Cross River State Leader of the Young Democratic Party (YDP), Mr Anthony Bissong Attah has made reference to this confusion in his birthday wishes. For Mr Attah, 'Whether 49, 50 or 51, we must celebrate you as our Governor'. What follows is an excerpt of Attah's birthday wishes:
'Happy birthday to the Executive Governor of Cross River State, His Excellency Sen. Ben Ayade. 'As you celebrate today, please spare some time to think of a better Cross River State. 'We have seen Shoky Dance (you dance so well). We have read the MoUs (there are unprecedented). We have heard the blaring of the sirens (it reminds us of the inglorious military misadventure). We have followed the gigantic Superhighway and Deep seaport media gyrations (now stale and almost boring). We have seen the army of appointees (Kings without Kingdoms). The music of the Garment Factory (nobody is dancing and). We saw the Field Marshal of Green Police (still waiting for the battalions). 'Whether 49, 50 or 51, we must celebrate you as our Governor. 'On this great day of your life, please, stop and think: is this all we should expect? Is this what we deserve? No! Atia, NO! 'Happy birthday sir! Anthony Bissong Attah
State Leader
Young Democratic Party
Cross River State chapter