May the good Lord retire non-influential recurring decimals like Victor Ndoma-Egba —Utsu


Efio-Ita Nyok|27 March 2017 Former Leader of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mr. Victor Ndoma-Egba, SAN has failed the critical test of popular Nigerian social commentator, Simon Utsu. Two days ago Utsu published a thread on his Facebook account titled 'Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba in Focus' where he compared the latter with erstwhile Minister of Justice of Nigeria, Chief Kanu Agabi SAN, Senator Victor Akan a second republic Senate member of Oron-Eket federal constituency and Dr. Betta Edu, incumbent Director General of Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency and arrived at the verdict that —'Victor Ndoma-Egba has no direct, long lasting impact on Cross Riverians'. Hmmm! Could this be true? Let's see: Firstly, Utsu makes the point that one mustn't be a state chief executive to impact directly and long-lastingly on the masses. His words, 'You mustn't be a Governor of a state or President of a country to make a direct, long-lasting impact on your people. It's bad that in Cross River where I come from, all political fingers point in the direction of the governor whenever they're looking for someone to blame. CRS has several top shots in Abuja in this dispensation but the people are yet to feel their impact'. Secondly, the ace social commentator observes that Ndoma-Egba couldn't influence the FG to fix dilapidated roads infrastructure even in his own immediate constituency and is most likely to leave the NDDC as its chair as influence-less as possible: 'Ndoma-Egba Victor for example has been in the Nigerian political space even before I was born. He's  just over 60 years. He has been a commissioner a couple of times, served on several boards, been a Senator three times and was a Senate leader for four solid years. What impact did his getting to such lofty heights have on his people? None relatively! He couldn't even influence the Federal government to carry out permanent repair work on the Ikom – Ogoja highway – a Federal road which claimed hundreds of lives in the period he was a high ranking Senator. 'At the moment, he chairs the very strategic NDDC board- a position he has held for more than a year. In that period, he has done absolutely nothing (meaningful) for Cross River state asides the usual propaganda we read about of course! In about 2 years, his tenure in that board could be as good as over; the probability that his performance report card will still be reading an F-9 by then is very high'. Thirdly, Utsu dared the impossible by comparing the age long respected federal politician Ndoma-Egba with an infant state politician, Dr Betta Edu. The criticism is smash home! Even his aides couldn't contest this: 'If you keep Senator Ndoma-Egba, a highly experienced Federal appointee side by side with Dr Betta Edu, a rookie state appointee and ask 1,000 Cross Riverians picked at random to tell you whose impact they've felt the most in the last ten years, 900 people would go for Dr Betta Edu who isn't even up to TWO years old in the game'. Fourthly, Utsu repents from the 'insult' he heaps on the APC politician in placing him side by side with Edu, he now puts him shoulder to shoulder with the celebrated legal luminary, Chief Kanu Agabi. Still Ndoma-Egba failed this acid test: 'The baffler for me is, Senator Victor learned the ropes under legal luminary Kanu Agabi who is a great helper of men. Kanu Agabi's chambers has produced about five Senior advocates of Nigeria at the last count(Victor Ndoma-Egba inclusive). How many young Lawyers or politicians in Cross River can come out today and say(with utmost sincerity) that Senator Victor is their mentor?' Fifthly, the celebral public affairs analyst proceeds to do his subject some honour by comparing him with a second republic Senator from Akwa Ibom, again Ndoma-Egba failed flawlessly: 'Sadly, the name "Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba" often reminds me of the charismatic Senator Victor Akan(Oron-Eket) who was a highly influential and people oriented 2nd republic Senator but the irony is, they're direct opposites of each other. Whilst one was charismatic, the other is not, whilst one was people oriented, the other is pocket oriented'. Finally, and having failed at all fronts, Utsu drags Ndoma-Egba before the divine praying that, 'come 2019, may the good Lord retire(for good) recurring decimals(like Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba) in the Cross River state polity who have had little or no impact on the people'. But, na who send Simon Utsu all these things where him deh do to him Papa dem? Hmmm! Let me come and be going oooo. Efio-Ita Nyok
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