Nig’s leaders should be physically strong, academically sound, etc —World Bank consultant


Efio-Ita Nyok|11 March 2017 Ikom, Cross River-born development economist, social entrepreneur and public affairs analyst, Mr Princewill Odidi, has categorically stated that Africa's most populous country, Nigeria, needs type of leaders who are not just only physically strong and academically sound but mentally balanced, technologically savvy and socially alert NegroidHaven can say. The Atlanta-based political pundit ventilated his opinion yesterday while responding to reactions on his thread that bothered principally on the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, continuing in acting capacity while the President, Muhammadu Buhari, is now in the country taking his rest. In the said thread Odidi contended that the continuation of Osinbajo as Acting President while Buhari had returned will introduce some administrative cracks in the presidency. He observed that firstly, this arrangement won't augur with Buhari's kitchen cabinet, there'll be hierarchical crisis between presidential aides and the acting President —to whom will Buhari's aide report to? He asked. Finally he observed that the leadership structure at Aso Rock will evolve into a co-President ruling from the rare and an acting President seen by all. Odidi however advised that Osinbajo be made to revert to his Vice President status while much powers are bestowed on him instead of the other way round. His words, 'On Buhari leaving Osinbajo to continue in Acting capacity while he continue to rest as reported after his return to Nigeria, may create some form of administrative crisis in my thinking. One, this will not go down well with the Cabal. Two, who will Presidential aides report to? Three, hope we don't end up with a CO-President besides Osinbajo who will run the government and make decisions from the background? In my opinion, it's better Osinbajo return to his VP status but assigned more responsibilities than continue in acting Capacity while the President is in the country'. The World Bank consultant who noted that Nigeria was problematic located the knotty challenge to be with the country's weak institutions. According to Odidi, our weak institutions places too much burden on the individual instead of the institution(s). It's this, what he referred to as, 'rugged nature of our society' that necessitated a type of leadership that was 'physically strong, academically sound, mentally balanced, technologically up to date, and socially alert. 'Until Nigeria is able to build her institutions, things can only change when the leadership produces a strong President… It's not about ethnicity, religion, party or class, the rugged nature of our society requires such leadership', Odidi concluded. Do you agree with Odidi's submission on structural reorganisation in the Presidency? Should Osinbajo be given more powers? Efio-Ita Nyok
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