Ogoja Food Poisoning: 2 unfortunate victims committed to mother earth


Efio-Ita Nyok|31 March 2017 

Yesterday 29 March the remains of late Mr/Mrs. Edidi Egem Erah, who were unfortunate victims of the food poisoning incident in Oboso Mbube in Ogoja LGA, were laid to rest. 

Recalled that on 24th March one Mr Paul Nchui poisoned a food vendor's pot of meal in Ogoja which swept across 3 communities, claimed 2 lives and left 41 others in the hospital by emptying herbicide into a pot soup prepared by one of the deceased. 
According to Ministry of Health, 'The melon soup was contaminated by a member of the neighbouring community as a personal vendetta against the index community… 'The sudden onset of vomiting, foaming in the mouth, body weakness and spitting out of blood with no trace of fever was as a result of the potency of the poison'.May the soul of the deceased rest in peace! 
Efio-Ita Nyok
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