Onnoghen’s Senate Confirmation: how Ayade goofed at the precinct of Senate building (eye witness report)


Efio-Ita Nyok|4 March 2017 Wednesday 1st March witnessed the official confirmation of the Chief Justice of Nigeria in acting capacity, Biase, Cross River-born Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen. The Executive Governor of Cross River State, Mr Ben Ayade, and more than seventeen justices escorted Onnoghen to the floor of the Red Chamber and guess what? Ayade goofed at the precinct of the Senate building according to eye-witness account. A Cross Riverian, namely, Edet Iyamba General was present in the hallowed chamber of the Senate of the Federal Republic when Onnoghen was confirmed. His account has it that Ayade was lousy and not befitting of a state chief executive acclaimed to have attained the apogee of the academia. Gov Ayade was reportedly lousily distributing the common wealth of Cross River tax payers as he took leave of the Senate building. Members of the press and other groups were beneficial of the largesse of the money-miss-road state CEO. Again, Ayade's questionable liberality has failed to extend to LGA staff and pensioners whom he has blatantly refused to pay their due financial emolument. Excerpt from General's comments: 'What you do make of a Governor, who by education standards should be a guardian in rationality but rather act irresponsibly in public? 'Just like myself, our Governor, PROFESSOR, Sen. Ben Ayade was at the Senate to show moral support to our 'son' & father, Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen during his screening. 'But unlike me, PROFESSOR Sen. Ben Ayade was lousy and later seen distributing our commonwealth to show off and it almost costed a woman her life. 'After the then Ag. CJN took a bow and walked out of the chambers, minutes later the 'Digital Govenor' followed suit, at the door of the chambers, our 'Digital Gov.' was seen dropping bundles of cash to the press. 'Passing outside the restricted area of the senate chambers, he was waylaid by onlookers who saw his generous deeds in the restricted area and where asking him to 'do something'. 'Our Gov sweet talked himself out… only to walk a few meter away and handed another bundles of cash to a woman within a mini crowd… while the woman was attempting to hide the money under her bra..the crowd responded by attempting to mob her and get their share of cash from her. For the timely intervention of some of the senate security men and uniform officers the woman would have been mobbed. 'While it may be normal in our clime for politicians to doll out cash to hailers in public, I find it unacceptable for a Professor who should be an agent of a new dawn in our political clime to be involved in such acts. Where will the change (Not APC Change O) come from if our highest intellectual person(s) in politics still continue in the ways and acts best seen as archaic? What do you think of General's opinion? Was the governor right to have dole out raw cash to undeserving members of public at the Senate? Is it right for politicians to give out money to members of the public when they are on official or otherwise functions? Efio-Ita Nyok
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