Police extort N50 from Calabar motorists as criminals raid adjoining street —eye witness


Efio-Ita Nyok|21 March 2017 One Archibong Okon has described how some irresponsible officers of the Nigerian Police stationed at Mayne Avenue by Goldie streets extorting, sorry check point ignored his call to assist in addressing the car theft incident which took place around the axis preferring to extort the usual N50 from motorists plying that route. His narration of the unpalatable experience with the Nigerian Police has it he led a handful of youths yesterday to recover a stolen Toyota Camry snatched few hours ago. Okon's contingents of youths were at the verge of apprehending seven of these criminals at Murray by Addie Street. But they abandoned the Toyota Camry and made for a Lexus 300 SUV for obvious reasons of eluding apprehension. At While still pursuing until Goldie Street Okon met with officers of the Nigerian Police. His experience with the Police officers leaves you wondering why respect should be accorded to high level of irresponsibility from these recipients of taxpayers money. Excerpt of his account: 'I led a team of youths to recover a Toyota Camry that was snatched barely Four hours ago, little did i know Koko was busy, as I was trying to connect him to detail his team. 'We, however apprehended the guys along Murray by Addie Street Seven of them in number. They were however smart to abandon the Camry for a black Lexus SUV, at this time they could move a bit faster than us. The masked men negotiated Goldie towards Target axis while I decided to go towards Atu only to meet a team of policemen at Goldie just before Mayne Avenue, collecting/extorting the usual #50 from Motorist. 'At this time I was already thanking God, so I beckoned on them and laid my complaint to two officers who were listening carefully to me, only for one to work out on me and continued on his stop and search. I was furious at that point but there was nothing I could do. The one that managed to even listen to me, now engaged me in a frivolous question and answer session and still not satisfied, walked away pretending to call on his OC but ended up in a long discussion with his colleague pretending not to notice my presence anymore, at that point if he heard, he didn't show. 'Some Policemen are more interested in their well being than protect lives and property. Eventually we had missed those guys who have whisked away with the Lexus without being able to stop them. Who knows who they will succeed in killing and then abandon the Lexus for another car?'. With the recent cult gang rivalry in Calabar, Cross River State capital city, has come unbridled looting and theft at gunpoint. The police has showed no level of professionalism in addressing the societal menace. I am forced to challenge any justifications for making these lots worthy recipients of taxpayers' money. Efio-Ita Nyok
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