Press Release: UNICAL management assures students of security of lives and property


23 March 2017 University of Calabar Management today have re-established its commitment to safegaurd the lives of all Nigerian students in university of Calabar. The Vice Chancellor through his Special Assistant on Students Matters, Comr. Bassey Eka (Shogolo) have assured all students that their well being is of utmost importance and the University Management is doing all her best to coup the security challenge currently out staging in Cross River State. The recent incident is under control as investigation is on ground and those involved will be brought to book. The University of Calabar security are on their toes always to protect and safegaurd the students from all assault and harassment. "Nothing of such will repeat itself in Unical" said the Chief Security Officer. The Vice Chancellor as at 19th of this month through his effort, the state has deployed more than 220 SSS on campus to coup the issue on ground. The Vice Chancellor have advice all students to be very careful and report any strange move on campus to the security/surveillance for quick response. The Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor is doing his best to ensure that all routes into the University are all checked. All students should be free going about their academics activities and classes. The security on campus is in place. Comr. Bassey Eka
SA to VC on Students Matters.