The Labour of our Hero’s past —By Comr Odey Friday


Odey Friday|6 March 2017 When I look at Nigeria, many questions come to my mind: many a time I ask myself, what will happen if Alhaji (Sir) Ahmadu Bello rise up from the dead and see what is happening? If Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, Dr Nnamdi Azikwe, Chief Anthony Enahoro, Margaret Ekpo, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Herbert Macaulay and the host of others resurrect and see what is happening? What they will be confronted with, is a Nigeria were the IGBO man can't sleep in the north with his two eyes closed. Is a Nigeria that's unsettled, there is a war going on here and there, but it's not on the front page of our newspaper, because we don't even control our media. As I write to you, the North and the East are at war, but we only talk about it mutedly, in all the state of the federation, it is not better, Nigeria is at war with herself, this is what they will be confronted with. They will be confronted with a Nigeria which does not know herself, a Nigeria where young men and women have no LOVE and interest for their own nation- state. They will be confronted with a Country were its citizens are constantly being humiliated in and outside their homes. They will see only but a country who's citizens have lost their self pride, a Nigeria were home made goods don't sell because there have on them "made in Nigeria". They will be confronted with a Nigeria which does not tell her own story and don't even know her story, what a pity?
They will be confronted with young men and women who make their money in the country but spend it outside. Hmmmm, this and many more are the tragedy of Nigeria. Through out the ages, the battle has always been the battle of the mind, however, if our minds are conquered, then we are going nowhere. Am so sorry my dear readers, we have to remind ourselves of this reality. But in all this, I still believe in a stronger, united and more prosperous country. Comr Odey Friday
State Vice Chairman North
Nigeria Youth Congress (NYC)
Cross River State, And
Founder: Re-build Nigeria Initiative