WILD WILD SOUTH: Citizens Reports of a resurrected orgy of shootings, killings, etc in Calabar South!


Efio-Ita Nyok|19 March 2017 Sequel to the Thursday 16 March cold-blooded assassination of Dr. Emmanuel Igbeng of the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Management, University of Calabar (UNICAL), Calabar at his Uwanse street, Calabar residence there has been a seeming follow-up of violence, maiming, shooting, and killing, etc in the state capital NegroidHaven can authoritatively inform. Beginning from Thursday through today Sunday, there's been no night or even day that residents and indigenes of Calabar do not sleep under fear of the unknown. It's either Cross Riverians or otherwise are running helter skelter from the one place to the other place, or it's the blaring sound of sirens of ineffective patrolling police vehicles, or sounds of gun shots or a bad tale of death the next day. Streets like Orok Orok, White House by Maple, Ekondo, Victor Akan, Bedwell, Atekong Drive by Marian Road, Watt Market, Uwanse, etc have turned into a theater of war for hoodlums. Unconfirmed reports has it that no fewer than four persons have gone down already especially at Orok Orok, White House by Maple, Bedwell etc. At Calabar South night commences by 6PM instead of 9PM. It's said that the spate of shootings and killings is not unconnected to a sharp rivalry ongoing between three cult gangs. Their identity remains shrouded in a mystery as at when our correspondents was going to the press. However, there's every reason to think that these killing spree has politics as its unsavoury undertone. What follows is the reaction of not less than 20 persons who articulated their experiences: Ekeng Inyang
Sporadic shooting around major routes in Calabar South. A good number of casualties have been recorded so far. One shot dead at Orok-Orok. Area is not cool and calm at all. Philomina Effanga
Its not false o. Yesterday they killed one person at White House by Maple. Effiom Obo
Bro na one of the twins at Ekondo oh, I couldn't watch his corpse. Local government election on point. Akiba Ekpenyong
I heard the shooting since 7am around Victor Akan street when i went to buy things there but to my surprised at Bedwell axis it was as if nothing was happening. Be careful. Josephine Effah-Chukwuma
Vanguard newspaper please how did you arrive at giving Gov. Ben Ayade of Cross River State, Governor of the Year Award? Just curious? What was the criteria? As I write, there is violence in Calabar South. That local government has been taken over by cult gangs etc. What actions are being taken to curb these incessant acts of violence that have made residence of this LGA, live in perpetual fear? Ruth Ekeng
Calabar South. The only local govt where Jesus Christ reigns supreme but hoodlums are having a field day, while Ayade bags Vanguard’s Governor of the year award! Charles Essien
The menace of cultism in this town is alarming.. This government must look ACTIVELY into it cos it's become a recurring decimal. Ifere Paul
Breaking News:
Shoot out at Atekong Drive by Marian Road now. One person shot on the shoulder and another shot in the stomach. If that's your way, please reroute or be careful. Etuk Samuel Boniface
This morning 1 was shot dead at Bedwell and in the a fternoon another 1 at Ekondo street. I wonder why all this sharing of blood in Mama P's  voice Eme Tete
Also, Target and the environs happening right now; people running helter-skelter Lordweo Wilson
The shooting just pass tro my street… Otunba Adeniyi Joseph Adewolo
Happened in my presence. The military guys has taken over the place. Prince Emmanuel Monday Jimmy
Mehn its true its not just shooting its a civil war in calabar. Joseph Odok Calabar Under Guns
Verified  information at my desk has it that there was serious shootings and restlessness in Watt Market today by activities of men of the underworld. These shootings were done before the police station close to the post office Also currently, there are gun shots around Uwanse. Police have been said to have been currently dispatched to the area. It looks like full blown war in calabar today  As I write now, some people have been confirmed dead at Orok Orok and there are sounds of siren blaring around the main avenue axis The governor must stop sleeping and move on to salvage the situation. This is not MoU time or time for pageantry and buying of Vanguard Awards. Besides communual crisis, Cross River State is increasingly becoming unsafe Precious Effanga
I Was Just Going To Get Stuff When I Heard The Shots, Had To Rush Back In. Na Wa O Jane Achu
Da… No b small thing for round about, white house axis o. Cheery James Eukeh
D gunshot is still going on in my axis I heard they killed 3 ppl?
A barrister included Emmanuel Itomi
Wild wild Calabar. Shooting is underway at Atekong. Lemme coman be going back to the West oo. Calabar nor safe at all. Princess P. Okon
In my barrack the police are parking them like fish, the sale(sic) is over full with people Orok Duke
Calabar South….
WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? This night…white house…maples….Apex sports axis….TAILOR..LO…LIVES AT chanley…almost by White house…by the big gutter… Ekpe Iniobong Michael
Na waooo, calabar south again, may God help us Purplelady Edem
OMG! What's this? Kill kill everywhere.God please protect us with your wings. Princess Wills
When will d stop all this brutal killing in calabar Ubong Bassey
Sad…..What a babaric act!!   Why have they turned our Calabar,  the paradise city to a blood-letting ground? Ekaete Bassey
Iboto-nnyin, it was a shock last night cause I just passed the spot when I heard a gunshot, though I don't know the guy but pity as we turned and saw a man laying on the road. Yudala Ukpenetus
They are cultist. 3 cult groups are fighting randomly. ***************************************** I am calling on the chief security officer of the state, Senator and Professor Ben Ayade, SSA Jude Ngaji, Commissioner of Police, State Commandant of Nigerian Security and Civil Defense to rise to their games and justify taxpayers money they live on. Where is the Homeland Security of Ayade? Wither political administration in this state? Wither the N600, 000, 000 unaccounted security vote coming into the state coffers on a monthly basis? Efio-Ita Nyok
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