APC Fabianism Strategies as Failure of Governance —By Emmanuel Oko Ogar


Emmanuel Oko Ogar|5 April 2017 
The All Progressive Congress, APC at the moment is burdened with the arduous tasks of steering the affairs of our nation, Nigeria. One need not consult a clairvoyant to know if the APC actually understand the weight of the expectations of Nigerians placed on her shaky shoulders. By hook or by crook, they’ve of late realized the magnitude of their responsibilities; but lack the indispensable ruling will to navigate against the surging deluge to the shore.
There was great noise of jubilation across the length and breadth of our land when the party emerged with flying colour in the penultimate general elections. I merged my voice along with the over 15 million electorates that voted the party to chorused: 'sai baba’. Though, I didn’t exercise my franchise due to the national engagement I had with the elections’ umpire, INEC. Nigerians were tired of the ‘share-the-money’ syndrome and believed that the CHANGE ideology would work perfectly. Like the Israelites, most Nigerians are contemplating between staying in the wilderness and returning to Egypt. Which is better? As 2019 draws nigh, many are already entangled in the web of the devil and the deep sea.
When APC took over the mantle of power, lots of political pundits analyzed how the party was coming to cleanse the Augean Stables of the 16 whopping years of corrupt riffed federal government under the yokes of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. For over two years now, the tasks seemed tedious and the APC’s Herculeses are becoming lazy thereby resorting to Fabian tactics as they lead by the nose. A lot of persons that pinned their faiths on them shamefully and amazingly found themselves in the wood.
Fabian tactics is a phrase used in the act of warfare to describe the delay and harassing campaigns employed by people to defend themselves from being attacked by their opponents. Machiavelli would put it thus; the best way to defend is to attack. Unarguably, APC has mastered this skill very well. Come hell or high water, it is working for them.
Nigeria at the moment is pathetically wallowing under the cuffs of a federal government that practices the ideology of a Roman consul, Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus (Fabius Maximus) for short. Fabius Maximus lived around 203 BC and led the Roman Army that won the second Punic war (218 -201 BCE) against the ravaging Carthaginian Army of Hannibal by waging a war of slow attrition. That is, refraining from engaging Hannibal in actual battle. He succeeded and Hannibal was wore down. Nowadays, Fabianism or Fabian strategies (tactics) has come to mean a policy of wearing and tearing down an opponent by delaying action, constant campaign of calumny and scandals.
As you read thus far, you would agree that in the country as it stance, whoever attempt to nail the lie to the counter is greeted with constant harassment and all sorts of humiliations in order for him to chicken out. This is apparent in the recent melodrama premiered on the floor of the chambers of the National Assembly. We saw it during the budget padding saga involving Hon. Jubrin: the case of the vociferous and extravagant senator, Dino Melaye’s graduation melee; Sen. Shehu Sani versus Mallam Nasir El-Rufia political brawl and Apostle Suleman Johnson’s sexual scandal.
The other day, the very venerable and humbled man of God, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG was in Ekiti state for his missionary journey and he paid a courtesy call on Gov. Ayo Fayose where he thumb-up for Fayose for exercising his right of speech. Not long, the APC state publicity secretary and some so-called change agents cut to pieces the man of God. Fayose’s account was sometime frozen by the government just to gag him. However, I’m no fan of Fayose.
Would I be surprised if friends in the change-mantra-movement calls for my head? No! Campaigns of calumny at this juncture wouldn’t solve the racking peril of our country. The party should channel their energy in fulfilling their electoral promises. Fabius Maximus’ policy faced incessant criticism from his immediate subordinate, Minucius Rufus, his magister equitum (master of horse). That is the same jabs some faithful are doing currently in the party.
With my little observation of the President, he hasn’t shown any sign of cowardice but some astonishing tracings giving credence to the outcry of Mrs. Aisha that some cabals has hijacked her husband’s government is beginning to leave me with no choice than to believe that President Buhari has no back bone of his own due to his failing health.
To my associates in the APC family: Chief Okoi Obono-Obla, Joseph Odok, Ifere Paul and the host of others, I extend the assurances of my deepest regards to you. However, the APCs family is inhabiting in the house of commotion because of the frolics of Pharisees and Sadduceesin the party.
Who’re the Pharisees and Sadducees in APC? They’re the self-proclaimed righteous guys who’re virtually overwhelmed in the shadows of themselves. The holy book, Bible teaches and explains that the Pharisees is a word that translates to mean, ‘separate’ and better describes as a group of legalistic leaders who zealously kept the law in its smallest details. The Pharisees formed a self-righteous, self-denying Jewish sect that was very vindictive of those who didn’t teach the law. They were expert at manipulating the law to suite themselves.
What about the Sadducees? These were different group of Jews who were more liberal in their orientation than the Pharisees. They denied the existence of the supernatural, angels, spirits, miracles and especially the Resurrection. They were religious rationalists, and many of the priest, as well as laymen in the Sanhedrin (the religious ruling body over Jerusalem) followed their interpretation.
The two classes above are the ones contesting over the control of the affairs of National Assemblies and over the party (APC). They’re claiming superiority over the other. They’ve forgotten the fundamentals of their responsibilities. They’re after power. They’re after their puffery only. Maybe, it might be the problem of vested interest that has caused this failure of leadership. It’s a big problem. Very big indeed. It’s like a seed that, if not nipped in the bud, would grow into full-grown national catastrophe. Nigerians mustn’t be taken for granted. Excuse me, please!
Comr. Ogar, Emmanuel Oko
Young Democratic Party, YDP Publicity Secretary.