Boki LGA rejects Wife of C/River State Governor during weekend visit! See why


Joseph Odok|30 April 2017 
On Friday 29th April the wife of the governor of Cross River State Dr Linda Ayade visited Boki admist poor reception. The wife of the governor was billed to be received in Boki comprehensive school Okundi. Upon her arrival in Boki the wife of the Governor Dr. Linda Ayade met an empty field both as a result of poor organisation and the increasing mobilization for the open rejection of PDP leaders in Boki. 
Besides meeting an empty field, the wife of the governor was to be received in Late Chief M. T. Mbu's Okundi residence. In the reception venue, the wife of the governor was further disgraced in the reception venue with candle light. Infuriated, the wife of the governor refused to accept her humiliation as she was received with candle light in the residence of Chief M. T. Mbu. Unable to hide her resentment and dissatisfaction, the wife of the governor booed the PDP Boki leaders in an open watch of onlookers. 
The increasing dissatisfaction with PDP is not unconnected with both the poor treatment of the Boki affairs by the Benedict Ayade's administration and the increasing factions and infighting amongst Boki PDP leaders and political appointees. 
Recall that after the attack of three women from Oku community that led to the death of one woman as a result of the poor handling of issues in Borum Palm Estate, the Deputy Governor visited Boki without visiting the injured women in the hospital. Rather the Deputy governor showed disdain for the people of Boki by focusing on unrealistic and deceptive Super high way project rather than addressing issues that injured the Boki people. This count one of the many sins of Ayade and PDP against the Boki people that may not be easily forgiven by the people. This is outside of the poor performance of Ayade's admiration in Boki local government area. 
The second reason for the open rejection of the wife of the governor is due to the power tussle and infighting amongst Ayade's political appointees. The rift between Ayade's political appointees and the disconnection of the political appointees, elected representatives and PDP party faithfuls. It is a truism that most Ayade's political appointees are misfits after their stomach. Having betrayed the people in pursuit of their private interest and stomach infrastructure, the Boki people seem to be packaging the open rejection of PDP as a payback for Ayade's poor handling of issues of governance with regards to the Boki interest.
The third sin of Ayade to the Boki people is the open assault and arrest of a prominent Boki elder Sir P. O. Bisong by Ayade's political appointees. Sir P. O. Bisong was arrested for challenging Ayade's poor handling of issues surrounding the Borum Palm Estate.
It is becoming interesting, Ayade is increasingly defining his governance as a government of shame and ineptitude. Karma is surely catching up on Ayade for his many sins against the Boki people 
Joseph Odok 
Social Change Agent 
Reporting from Okundi, Boki