C’River Gubernatorial Zoning System: Northern Senatorial District 2015-2023!?


Efio-Ita Nyok|16 April 2017 

With the advent of democracy in 1999 and the cliche of the three wise men we have had a southerner, Donald Etim Duke, occupy Office of Executive Governor for eight solid years between 1999 and 2007; central senatorial district, in Liyel Imoke's administration, had its shot between 2007 and 2015; and a northerner is enjoying the stint beginning from 2015. 
From the above paragraph it's established that there is a rotational system of politics in Cross River nay Nigeria. Cross River is just a microcosm of what is done in the Federal Republic called Nigeria. 
Politics as some schools would have it concerns itself basically with alternative(s) to addressing societal challenges. The group that best convinces the electorates over which alternative best suits as solution(s) to a designated/plethora of problems becomes elected. This system of electing which ideological alternative best suits a given challenge allows for the enthronement of the three Cs of leadership much-talked about by America's leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, —competence, character and connection. 
Even if you disagree with my penultimate submissions you wouldn't deny the fact that between 1999 and 2015 there's was an excellent embodiment and glaring expression of competence, character and connection in not just the state chief executive officers but in the retinue of Commissioners, Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants, Director Generals, Special Assistants, Personal Assistants and I can go on and on.

In Dukean 1999 to 2007 we saw urban development and tourism; while in Imokean 2007 to 2015 there's rural development. In both, there's emphasis on agriculture. In a post-Imokean 2015 era, despite how fledgling, I and other Cross Riverians alike were quite expectant, but surprisingly have found nothing. By nothing, I mean to refer to the fact that I can't, and haven't seen someone else (with the state chief executive inclusive), identifying this administration with a well articulate policy drive. And this policylessness will have to be tolerated for the next two years (until 2019) —no thanks to the 2014/2015 political highhandedness of Imoke. 

I was discussing with a few of forward looking Nigerian youths last week and I remember Daniel telling me that 'Nigerians are a long-suffering people' —this was a rebuttal to my assertion that Nigerians are largely docile. A look at these perceived long-sufferingness or docility to an Ayadean 2015-2019 is rational per se. My personal quandary is should our characteristic patience or docility extend beyond 2019!? Contemplating an Ayadean amoebic public policy template beyond 2019 is already beginning to be troubling for obvious reasons —this is a jamboree government grossly lacking in form and content! 

Why must the north be given a shot at Office of Executive Governor of Cross River? Why should we continue with the ineptitude called zoning? Even though we were to continue with zoning, I think we should rather begin a new cycle. The north have tried their best; maybe there may never really impress us. 

I am even hearing that some intellectuals are arguing that we should just allow Ayade complete his two term tenure? Two term gini? Two term of dancing shoki? I understand that elites in the north were quarreling with Ayade. Why are they now united in the argument of repackaging a bad brand beyond 2019? Must they be united now in selling Ayade only to start another season of fighting after the 2019 elections? 

Efio-Ita Nyok
Is a Social Commentator