Decamping: Back & forth Transition of an Ideologiless Political Order —By Steve Takim


Steve Takim|10 April 2017 
1. Political cross carpeting or decamping (from one party to another) is allowed all over the world, but in the Western world for instance like UK or USA where we copy same democracy, it occurs very rare, and if it does it is base on IDEOLOGIES and nothing more to it. The reason is because for them politics is about service to humanity and nothing more. That brings us to the reason why some times you see an MP spending up to 20-30 years representing his constituents without any opposition from another party for a change, provided the people are happy with his representation.
2.  What we see in the Nigerian politics as politicians is simply  "sycophants, bootlickers, rumor peddlers, character assassinator and political prostitutes". PDP or APC all of them are the same thing, lacking in political ideologies and directions. That is why they will never seize to bamboozle and amuse us with their shallow 'maradonic' thinking and ineffective policies.
3. Political indicators have in different fora, events, actions and inactions proven not to favour the electorate. There is no gain saying the fact that politics in Nigeria is about personal and self interest first, and not about the people the politician seek or pretend to represent at different levels.
4. It goes to say the least therefore that the defection of Mrs. Florence Ita-Giwa from the state ruling PDP to the Federal ruling APC can not be said to be a good omen to APC, Cross River state or Nigeria at large. Therefore they ought not to gladden. She had done it before when she lost her ticket to return to the senate under ANPP, she decamped to PDP and took several appointments at state and federal level, she is an indispensable factor of whether her people in Bakassi LGA are happy, sad, enjoying or suffering. After PDP lost election at federal level she came to the state and took appointment with PDP under the present Ayade government, now that it seems Ayade appointment is not lucrative as she may had thought, she has decamp to APC at federal level. I will not be surprise if she is announced in the nearest possible time for an appointment by President Buhari, because she clearly understand the docility of our present generation.
5. Mrs. Florence Ita-Giwa’s defection to the APC is grossly characterised on greed, deceit, self and personal interest and to seek coverage and solace and protection from the ravaging Buhari anti corruption stand. Recall that, sometimes last year, the fearless and outspoken Special adviser to the President on prosecution, Bar. Okoi Obono-Obla lambasted her on social, print and mass media on her suspicious activities, embezzlement and misappropriation of funds so far release from Federal government and International Organisation for the resettlement of her Bakassi people and returnees. Obono-Obla called on her to give details of all the funds so far released and how it was expended; till date nothing was said and nothing had been heard.
6. Now that Ita-Giwa have joined the fold of APC, should we be made to believe that 'behold old things have pass away and she is now a new creature? In the other hand, when they see the broom instead of umbrella in her house,  they will pass over?.
7. The APC as a political party must ensure a thorough screening of defecting members they admits in their fold, and not make the same mistake of the PDP as an all comers affairs (party) of men and women who lack integrity and commitment to service for humanity if they must sustain the sands of times in Nigeria’s  political history. 
8. And as a ruling government they must be weary of all this former PDP members who are now going about shouting "Change" every where because of their selfish and personal interest abandoning their "Transformation agenda" just as they abandoned former President Jonathan alone to fail election and their PDP party to suffer oblivion, President Buhari should be very carful of this political jobbers before they run his government down or twat his effort on stamping out corruption.
9. As elections are getting closer, Nigerian Youths MUST build a new political order that will put an end to all this old politicians who keep recycling themselves from one appointment to the other by jumping from one political party to another. The youths must also be weary and be politically conscious of some of this political jobbers and prostitute irrespective of their political parties, affiliations or wealth who had once betrayed our collective interest to be outrightly rejected when the chips are down. Take notice that they come for themselves and because the political calculations will favour themselves and not you, reject them. The time to act is now and the real "Change" begins with you. 

Steve Takim 
Is a Nigerian