Every Tom, Dick and Harry shouldn’t be appointed into public offices, Ayade’s aide frowns


Efio-Ita Nyok|17 April 2017 
The Special Adviser to the Executive Governor of Cross River State on Students Affairs and Youth Mobilisation, Prince Michael Nku Abuo, has frowned against the political practice of appointing aides as a means of rewarding their loyalty and system of financial empowerment. 
The youthful youth aide who published this opinion last weekend via social media said that a political office without capacity is nothing. Abuo while calling for democratic reform in Nigeria further contended that political appointments should be geared at actualising goals and extending the reach of government to the governed. 
According to him, 'Political office is nothing without capacity and enablement to act. We shouldn't occupy or dish out office for office sake or as a means of alleviating poverty.
'Imagine a governor without means to fulfil his mandate except his salary….There's need for reform in our democratic system. Appointments should be platforms for execution of specific goals geared at deepening the outreach of government to the people', Abuo argued.
He concluded his first salvo on #democraticreforminNigeria series by positing that there are alternative ways of poverty alleviating in the state other than, according to him, rewarding, 'every tom, dick and harry. Political office reflects the giver of the office and the collective actions of those in these offices sums up the output of such a government'.
Abuo hasn't mentioned any specific state or country chief executive he may be referring to. But, feelers has it that he is referring to his principal the Governor of Cross River, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade, who has over almost 3,000 political appointees already. It seem to me that the SA is frowning at the anticipated service of 100 more appointees Ayade is intending to make. 
Abuo is by this opinion challenging the wisdom of the Board and Management of Vanguard Newspapers Ltd who conferred Best Governor of the Year 2016 award on Gov. Ayade basically for this bloated appointments. Abuo just joined Special Assistant on ICT to Governor Ayade, Adjah Adjah, in advising their principal through unconventional and public platforms. Hmm! 

Efio-Ita Nyok
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