Grace makes Great —By Igwe Austin Kenor-Olom


Igwe Austin Kenor-Olom|23 April 2017 
All around life, an encounter with divine grace leaves the mind with something glorious to express,and it has never been short of that, even from the great biblical times to the present day world. 
Grace is a divine concept with practical manifestations in real human lives. An overflow of God's grace exposes the bearer of such grace to a classical level of achievement beyond the comprehension of all natural beings. Life itself changes its status to that of a turn-around without human alteration at a time so designed and approved by the giver of grace-God.
What then is grace?
Although, the authors of modern and olden dictionaries have not being able to find a common ground to express in exactness the singular definition of the word grace, but brilliance prevailed on them to define it in more ways than one, depending on the context in which the word is applied.
Now, in the context of Christianity upon which our belief is based, GRACE refers to an "unmerited favour" by God. Favour in itself is seen as an approval, support for, or even liking someone or something in preference to… In fact, another dictionary definition is even sweeter; "an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual". I am in love with this definition for goodness sake. Grace is a divine favour, designed by the only true supernatural God and freely given to mankind to exert liberty over struggles. Grace is great because it defies all human protocols in favour of the one that bears such grace. Grace is superior because it qualifies and brings into existence that which wasn't qualified in the first place much less existed. 
Grace is a supernatural occurrence that defies human comprehension against human or natural obstacles. Oh! Grace is sweet and limitless in supply and it breaks the toughest jinx. Grace turns a non-entity to a superior celebrity. The power of grace is so great that it overpowers and even faults natural and acquired wisdom. Grace is great because it subjects the mighty to the lowest ebb in ranking, no wonder that grace is the direct prerogative of God alone. God is the only one who grants His love and grace to his beloved children even when their lives are filled with filth. God is God and He remains God forever.
My poor Bible knowledge may infringe on my prerogative of articulate Biblical references here, but liberal understanding of Biblical events as narrated therein show a considerable account of how the children of God enjoyed this unmerited favour called grace. In the case of Joseph in the old testaments, he has remained popular all through history because he found favour with God. In all sureness, Joseph was an ordinary child with an extra-ordinary carriage. Although certain events took place in Joseph's life, but little did he understand then that such events were going to propel him to attain a superior position in his generation. Even as I type this, I still can't find anywhere in my Bible the person who occupied the position of the Prime Minister in Egypt before Joseph, but it is easily understood that the position of the Prime Minister came into creation in Egypt with Joseph as the first Prime Minister, even when Pharaoh was the overall king. It was all the grace of God. Joseph was just one of numerous examples in the Bible, but time won't allow us to go further here.
God is full of loving-kindness, He dispenses His grace to His children according to how it pleases Him. It is the considered opinion of Ukelle Renaissance/SUBA that every human being is loaded with a deposit of God's grace, it behoves on us therefore to key into the moral principles that please God in order to activate His grace on us. Sin blinds human beings from accessing God's favour. Being rebellious against God, total disbelief against God, a life of unrighteousness is totally dishonourable against God, and it prevents us from benefiting from the constant overflow of God's grace. Let's have a change of heart and turn to God, He will certainly prove that He is too faithful to fail.
Igwe Austin Kenor-Olom
Writes from Lagos