Open Request for the elucidation on the Factual State of Garment Factory after one Year of Proposed Commissioning


2 April 2017 
The Governor 
Cross River State
Attn.: Your Excellency, Prof. Ben Ayade,
I have been retained and instructed to write to convey a belated congratulatory message to you on the recent recognition accorded you by Vanguard Newspaper as her man-of-the-year for 2016 on behalf of the Youths Alliance for Northern Cross River Dreams (YANCRiD) though with some element of reservations.
We desire that this honour earned by you should invigorate you to pursue the arduous duties of piloting the affairs of our state with renewed strength, integrity and dignity.
I am equally obliged to make statement or rather ask questions on their behalf. Your Excellency sir, the office the executive governor of a state such as Cross River State is a much esteemed office which attracts incredible veneration and awe and as such, the assurances of our highest regards are not in doubt. In our characteristic manner, we have respect for constituted authority, and of course desired to avoid sending an open letter to our digital Governor. But all attempts to secure an appointment with you were frustrated by those who pride themselves as your aides and your frequent junketing too. Do kindly condone with us for resorting to this medium.
It is the highest hope of YANCRiD that this letter will pave way for a succinct and explicit clarification on the hubbub clustering the Garment Factory.
We are ordinary law abiding citizens of Cross River State who believed and are committed to the entrenchment of the cardinal principles of Freedom of Information Act promulgated and enacted by the fourth Assembly. We understand that accountability is an inseparable integral of democracy and such, we equally support transparency in running public offices as well as prudent management of public funds and assets. 
At this juncture, YANCRiD would not claim ignorant of the fact that your office has been swamped with complaints about the way and manner the Garment Factory is crawling. 
Recall that Cross Riverians at home and in diaspora retired to bed with great expectation that gladdened their hearts on the 31st of March, 2016 when they were informed by your administration that all was set for the commissioning of the project come 1st April, 2016. Sadly, as we commune with you, the populace are yet to be informed on the latest happenings on the said project that is pathetically yet to be commissioned.
YANCRiD saw from some gymnastics in the media of this government that she places high premium at informing her subjects on signing memorandum of understandings (MoUs) through the enormous efforts frequently put on the media hysteria. If the foregoing is presumably a fact, public opinion as expressed by both prominent citizens, indigents and street urchins on the delay surrounding the opening of the much advertised Garment Factory should be ‘torch-lighted’.
In the light of the above, given the fresh public outcry and the purported exposure by some members of the public about the true state of the factory; even, if the government is averse to the method employed by some folks on this matter, keeping mute will be disastrous. However, clearing the air on the insinuations perching on it would set the records straight and liberate unsuspected members of the society who might have been negatively influenced by the views expressed by these folks.
The crux of this letter is that all maybe informed. This is why we legitimately and plead humbly irrespective of political variances that you furnish the public and not us the necessary information consumable that all and sundry might be adequately informed on the said matter under discuss.   
Having realized that the days of reckoning tilts closer and in a bid not to draw a red-herring across the trails, we enjoins this government not to comfortably harp on the same string. It is not out of place if we put it to His Excellency that since he took over the reins, he has not realized that the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
We suggest that His Excellency should give a wide berth to Machiavellian policy in which any means, however, unscrupulous or treacherous maybe employed to achieve the end.
YANCRiD therefore, appeal that due consideration be accorded this request.
You alone have the choice and the final say on this forgone matter. We wish you have posterity in view while making up your mind.
God bless you.
With highest regards.
Comr. Ogar, Emmanuel O
Coordinator, YANCRiD.
Calabar, Cross River State.