REVEALED: Why Ayade may Shift LG Election Indefinitely —Joseph Odok

Gov Ayade (L) and PDP National Chairman Ali Modi Sherriff (R) 
Joseph Odok|14 April 2017 
No period in the political history of Cross River State has selfishness been glorified like in the present administration of Senator Ayade Benedict. Cross River State revenue has been drained to service the compunction of the governor.
As at today, no single project has been completed and commissioned in Cross River State because of the untamed avarice of the governor. No agency is working besides primary health care mostly funded by World Bank and UNICEF. The Garment Factory acclaimed to be Ayade’s functional project have been proved to be Ayade’s private company from investigation from the Cooperate Affair Commission: this is not unconnected with the reason why the governor has refused to officially commission the Cross River Garment Factory. Before now, the Ayade had named the garment factory as Cross River State Government Garment Factory, but issues of ownership and inherent fraud and secrecy had made the government to change the name of the garment factory from Cross River State Garment Factory to Cross River Garment Factory thereby removing anything Cross River State Government from the name of the garment factory. 
The commitment of the governor on execution of his signature project is a lustre one. Two years after much propaganda, Cross River State government is yet to complete an Environmental Impact Assessment for the Super High Way, embarrassingly not even the survey plan has been completed according to recent reports by survey expert. The governor has not even began a process of ensuring that compensation is paid to those whose land was illegally revoked and their properties destroyed when the area for the Super high way was cleared. Both the Super High Way and Deep Sea Port are projects Ayade execute through media propaganda in the pages of paper and television channels. 
Besides, attempts to turn the state to a private property, Governor Benedict Ayade has concluded to shift the date for the conduct of the local government election to a date after the final determination of the case between Sheriff and Macaroni and  the authentic chairman of PDP by the Supreme Court. 
Ayade who is in the Sheriff camp of PDP is unsure of who will emerge the authentic PPD chairman by the Supreme Court ruling between Sheriff and Makarafi. Since it is the decision of Ayade to hijack the entire Local Government election process, the chosen option of Ayade is to indefinitely postpone the local government election. The local government election is crucial to Ayade who wants to use it to build his dwindling structure especially because of the rivalry between Ayade  and Senator John Owan Enoh. 
John Owan Enoh and Senator Liyel Imoke are proud supporters of Makarafi and if the Supreme Court case turns against Sheriff, Ayade will lose hold of PDP Cross River State to Liyel Imoke and Owan Enoh. 
In the confusion and indecision, Ayade had decided to postpone the local government election to get an option of returning to APC, peradventure Sheriff loses his case. With Sheriff losing, Ayade feels a lesser evil transferring his structures to APC. 
Amidst these maunoveauring, will APC stakeholders fold their arms? 
Joseph Odok 
Social Change Agent