Sen. Owan-Enoh is a Legitimate fear in Cross River State —By Peter Bassey


Peter Bassey|25 April 2017 
The continuous homily of one of Cross River most finest politician by both his party (PDP) and the opposition party in the state (APC) in respect of his planned defection simply shows that the senator representing Central Senatorial District at the Red Chamber of the National Assembly Sen. John Owan Enoh is indeed a legitimate fear in the state.
While his party (PDP) is afraid of loosing him to the opposition party, the opposition (APC) is in turn afraid of accepting him with the fear that he may hijack political structures from some chieftains in Central Cross River.
Meanwhile, rumour has it that the relationship between the digital Governor and the Senator may not be rosy, thus his planned defection. Some quarters believed that, the die minute suspension of Enoh's defection is a product of a political negotiating brokered by contending political forces of the ruling party within and outside the state. Others argue that the planned defection and even its suspension was a political script played out for reconciliation purpose.
I am worried for two reasons. As a supporter of PDP and the love and respect I have for this two politicians.
This article does not seek to support who is right or wrong. But its intent is to sue for peace. Sen. Owan-Enoh is a legitimate fear to the ruling and opposition party in the state; and whether we agree or not, a problem exist. The problem between these two power blocs is complex, hence the approach to its solution must be multidimensional.
I suggest first a peace accord be quickly reached between the Governor, Senator and party Stakeholders to save Cross River PDP as both Ayade and Enoh needs each other in 2019.
Secondly, the two of them must be smarter than their enemies. Else they won't find it easy if they allow a hijack of their political differences. 
Finally, supporters of these duo must be very careful in times like this. I even learnt some aspirant from the central have cross-carpeted due to the Senator's planned defection just to position and wait to gain favour. Now that he has suspended this planned defection, what become of them? Whatever be the case, supporters of Ayade and Owan-Enoh should ensure that this quarrel is not resolved against them.
As long as these two ruling blocs united in time past to gain entrance to power, they should be left to settle their quarrels alone.
Peter Bassey
Writes from Calabar