U. J. Esuene Stadium Collapse: 2000 children evade been crushed to death! Contractor dares CRSG


Efio-Ita Nyok|16 April 2017 

Sport Facility at the U. J. Esuene stadium in Calabar, Cross River State capital collapsed, Friday, 14 April. 
The indoor sport hall which was under construction for over two years now was awarded by Liyel Imoke to Mr Ozolua Giwa Amy, a contractor who is alleged to have collected N2.5 Billion without completing the project.
Pictures released by the Director General of Sport Commission, Orok Duke, shows that the whole structure built to house at least 50 thousand people has only 8mm rods in the pillars and deckings platforms.
According to a Sport Writer, Eugene Upah, 'The structure which collapsed this afternoon, happened at a time when the children competition taking place in the stadium was suspended to observe the Easter Holiday. According to Duke, more than 2000 children would have been crushed to death'. 
Duke has made some startling revelations bordering on the collapse: Mr. Giwa-Amu collected the sum of N2.2 billion for the contract. Duke has referred to the contractor as 'ediyie ino' implying 'fine thief'. Hear him out: 'Ozolua Giwa Amu is a fraud. 
'He walked into the state, used Henley, Breton and Mayfield Company, signed and collected 14million USD…or 2.2 billion Naira …to Construct an Indoor Sports Hall…this was before the advent Zoe Gov Ayade's Govt….later he came back and attempted to defraud the CRSG of 1billion Naira…under the guise of Clearing  in 53 Containers in Onne Port to enable him to complete the Project.
It was later found out that no Container is consigned to CRSG in Onne. Having been found out as a crook, he decided to abandon the site and abscond to Accra,GHANA….WITH OUR MONEY. The man is what we call "Ediye Ino"..fine thief.
We should join hands to make This Crook to Refund our Commonwealth'.
Mr Giwa-Amu the accused contractor has dared the Cross River State Government to take home to court. For him, a fraudulent government can't accuse a citizen of fraud. According to Giwa-Amu, 'I cannot understand why a supposed State Govt would rely on the pages of Facebook to accuse anyone of fraud. Especially a State whose Governors brother was arrested for fraud against same State.
'Now, it's simple, if a man commits fraud, cause an investigation and prosecute him or them. I am not afraid, are they? That is the real question. 
'Quite simply, let the be an investigation, whomsoever it touches, let him pay for it.
If you know you are worth anything, pls cause an investigation, if not, pls leave your mouth up his ass.
One source has this to say about the manner the contract was awarded: 'The contractor did a very terrible job. Kimasports presented a proposal to build a 30,000 indoor seating capacity. The Nigerian contractor presented a proposal to build a 15,000 capacity for double the amount that the American company bidded but it was given to the Nigerian contractor. Now see what has happened.'

Efio-Ita Nyok
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