Who owns Etung politics : Sandy Onor? Ben Ayade? or Owan Enoh?


Joseph Odok|3 April 2017 
There is increasing power play in Etung politics, besides calm and focused,  the Ntufam Sandy Onor's camp that is predominantly  APC,  the PDP camp is in disarray and divided along the lines of Senator John Owan Enoh and Governor Ben Ayade. 
The governor's men led by the Hon. Chris Njar and the commissioner for youths and sports Comrade Asu Okang seem disposed to send Senator Owan Enoh to political exile. Their reasoning being that the Senator had spent too long a time and should give chance to new breed. Besides the fact that Senator John Owan Enoh has stayed long in the Senate, he has no known constituency project to his name besides stomach infrastructure. 
Senator Owan Enoh seems not giving up. It should be recalled that the Senator rose to power through Liyel Imoke. Calculations seems not to be in favour of the Senator who has lost the favour of the governor. Besides losing favour of the governor, the PDP constitution gives the final say to the governor. The just concluded ward Congress saw Senator Owan Enoh's men totally swept out even in the senator's ward. 
Not giving up, Senator Owan Enoh has left hs usual comfort zone  of Jorany hotels to the market: this time proving humility by peeling melon and canvassing for support from even market women. Whether humility is proven by peeling melon is a question for another day.
The youth are ready to die for their supporters. As at today Bendeghe Ekim is boiling. 
Who owns Etung politics : Sandy Onor?  Ben Ayade? or Owan Enoh? 
Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent