Young Democratic Party has a better chance at the polls than APC, social commentator declares


Efio-Ita Nyok|11 April 2017 
A controversial Nigerian social commentator has challenged the quality of opposition in the state-opposition (but federally-ruling) All Progressives Congress (APC) alleging that an alternative party, Young Democratic Party (YDP), has relatively better chances at the polls NegroidHaven can report. 
Simon Utsu, yesterday, in a thread self-titled, CROSS RIVER AS A ONE PARTY STATE?, said that the APC in Cross River was the 'funniest and most unserious APC state chapter in the country'. Reasons being that their opposition hasn't been constructive being lacking in structure. He also cited characteristic disunity as another feature that undermines quality opposition in the state chapter of the party noting earlier that their opposition was inspired by selfishness. 
According to Utsu, The APC in Cross River state is the funniest and most unserious APC state chapter in the country. Blasting Ayade is their oxygen. If they wake up from a bad night, all they need to do to feel good is -blast Ayade. If they remember they don't have enough cash to pay for dinner, they come on social media, blast Ayade and are filled afterwards. 
'Opposition that only resorts to insulting the incumbent without setting up proper structures or proposing meaningful panaceas, is that one opposition?', he queried. 
Utsu who advised the APC in the state to leave Ayade alone but rather fix what he referred to as 'your dilapidated, tumbledown, topsy-turvy, ramshackled house in order' opined that the Young Democratic Party (YDP) in the state had better chances at the polls. He further revealed that at the birth of the APC in the state he was happy but considering degree of disunity the state is in a quasi one party state. 
His words, 'You people have forgotten that before the end of next year, election primaries would have been concluded nationwide. Who are your likely candidates? You're yet to tell us. Where are your structures? We're yet to see. Not forgetting that your party is performing abysmally at the centre hence, it'll be much more difficult to sell it at the state level, reason why I expected that by now, you would have left Ayade alone and put your dilapidated, tumbledown, topsy-turvy, ramshackled house in order. 
'Because with what I'm seeing on ground in Cross River, Young Democratic Party has a better chance at the polls than APC.
'Being a progressive democrat in nature, I was happy when the APC in my state started out circa 2015 with top shots and juggernauts within its ranks but the ongoing sophisticated disorganization in the state APC has turned Cross River to a quasi one party state. It seems you have no real opposition your excellency as it only exists on Facebook, all the best Prof Ayade.', Utsu concluded. 
I seems the social commentator is surreptitiously advising the Young Democratic Party (YDP) to take advantage of the characteristic and disappointing disorientedness of the APC in Cross River. Let's see how serious the YDP takes Utsu's in the forthcoming local government elections. 

Efio-Ita Nyok
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