Candid advice of a Nigerian bank staff to NYSC Ex-corpers that makes so much sense! MUST READ


Efio-Ita Nyok|7 May 2017 
Patrick Akongwale a staff of a first generation Nigerian bank has aired, what may be referred to as, a candid advice to 5th May passing out National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). 
In his 4 paragraphed-social media thread titled HELLO EX-CORPERS Akongwale opined that these ex-Corps members should use their remaining money to get professional certifications, relevant ICT training, and contemplate volunteerism. 
His words, 'Congratulations for serving your fatherland for 12 months,  it's not an easy task considering the insecurity & other challenges you faced. 
'Don't spend the whole of your money taking pictures in studios, unless you are from a solid middle class family (if any exist in Nigeria).
'Keep your "light change", don't even pay Tithes(if you are like me). The road ahead might be crazy and rocky. Pick up one or two good certification, enrol for a proper computer appreciation course (not movie watching on a laptop). 
'Look for places to volunteer if a job is not forthcoming. The money from your parents might reduced or even stop in the months ahead; your saving (if any) would come handy'. 
I am lending my voice to Akongwale's suggestions especially the idea of volunteering. That is where the world is toeing now. 

Efio-Ita Nyok
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