C/RIVER STATE @ 50? Yala LGA has no road, hospital, bank, power, employment —social media user


Efio-Ita Nyok|16 May 2017 
As a build up to the marking the 50th anniversary of Cross River, a Nigerian social media user by name Monday Odey has decried the deplorable state of infrastructure in his nativity, Yala LGA. 
According to Mr Odey, there's no power supply, employment opportunities, road network, medical facility, industry and financial institution, etc. For him, this report of underdevelopment in Yala is bad news at a golden jubilee celebration of the state. He labels this —'my pain'. What a pain! Excerpt of his painkiller thread:

'Very soon, CR STATE, my dear state will be celebrating her 50TH ANNIVERSARY, this is good News because my state have come through thick and thin since 1967.

'The BAD NEWS is that YALA LGA, one of the largest LGA in the state where politicians do beckoned their hopes on during elections is UNDERDEVELOPED. 

'As Iam type with tears, YALA LGA,

Traveling down from Ebonyi to YALA LGA is a mirage when you divert from MFOM2 to Okpoma, a major road that links to YALA LGA hqtr, the story get worst when you trail the major road from MBOK JUNCTION down OGOJA LGA. 

'NO SINGLE DEPENDABLE HOSPITAL, People of YALA LGA travel far and wide to Ogoja LGA just feel impact of govt hospital (Ogoja General Hospital) cuz the so called health centre in YALA are not functioning. 

Name any bank you know and try to find them in YALA LGA will be the greatest mistake you will do. We travel miles just to withdraw #2000 from accnt, you may even end up paying 1200 for tfare just to withdraw 2k, everyone in YALA LGA knows my pain cuz it's OUR PAIN. 


NO ELECTRICITY; Itega-Ekpudu is a renown community in YALA LGA, from the onset of our forefathers till date, we haven't set our eyes on electricity before, I am above 30yrs and I haven't also. 


'Is YALA LGA Not part of CRS?

'I want to ask that, what can YALA LGA celebrate in CROSS RIVER STATE @ 50?'

If Yala hasn't recorded developmental strides 50 years after, is there any need to celebrate or even mark the golden jubilee? Princewill Odidi, an international development consultant has queried our anticipated celebration. What do you think?

Efio-Ita Nyok
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