Cross River @50 : What a polarised C/Riverians are saying about proposed new logo

L-R: ‘Destination Cross River’-themed brand and ‘Spirit of Enterprise’-denoted outlook
Efio-Ita Nyok|20 May 2017 
Come Saturday 27 May, the Executive Governor of Cross River State, all things being equal, will be unveiling a new logo for the state at the occasion of the celebration of Cross River @ 50. 
The velvet blue and white Dolphin-themed ‘Destination Cross River’ brand is most likely to give way to an anticipated red and white Bull-characterised-encircled-in-18-white-stars ‘Spirit of Enterprise’ innovation. 
Below are the opinions of Cross Riverians at the thought of such a brand. Excerpt:
Simon Utsu :
Personally, I think Cross Riverians have much more to worry about than a change of the state’s logo by some brand expert. 
1. Do you have water running down your taps? 
2. Are the intra-state roads motorable?
3. Is the environment clean?
4. Is the state secure? 
5. Are salaries being paid as at when due? 
If at least three of these questions don’t have a yes answer, then you know where to place your focus; leave branding for branders. After all, Globacom changed from Glo with pride to Rule your world etc. In fact, this brand change(from #destinationCrossRiver) has been a long time coming. #spiritofenterprise isn’t a bad coinage; sounds warm. I believe the expert behind the new brand knows what he is doing, after all, he is/was the brain behind several successful state and national brands; with time, people will grow into this new one. #my2cents #focusonthemainissues
Egoh Ayamba :
I think we were better off with the dolphin- a highly intelligent and peace-loving creature and the blue peaceful waters that surround the state. 
Red depicts danger and the bull is a highly aggressive and destructive creature. We need functional public utilities abi basic amenities, not a new logo. 
I just pray the state won’t get bloodier and more dangerous than it already is.  My two cents tho
Leye Onikoye :
They should just give the water first….   Who logo wan epp? Even the previous one, how many people knew it when saw it or if they ever saw it…  Attention is paid to so much irrelevant things in this country because of loose coins
Effiom Trombone :
The bull represents tenacity,Rigor and purpose.
The 18 stars reflect the constellation of eighteen local governments bound by one vision and purpose.
The Red reflects our passion for excellence.
First among equals…
While the white represents purity of thought and action inherent in our people.
Same is captured in our new strategic platform ” The MIGHT of WILL”
Nya Offiong :
The governor might think he is motivating the people with this new logo but from the backlash it is clear the logo does not capture the true spirit and value of the Cross River people.

The logo is in bad taste.
The angry bull charging towards the circle can be misunderstood.
The red colour is too deep on the eyes. The entire outlook of the logo lacks creativity or excellence.
Honestly it looks like some shabby work done by one of those business centre boys on Etta Agbor.
It is not professional.
Leave our former logo. Concentrate on water, roads, the environment, safe neighbourhoods, Salaries, industry etc.
This logo change is both unnecessary and ill timed.
Prince Thomas Abi Jr :
I saw a very funny looking logo which from every indication is expected to be the new Cross River logo. To me, it is not only funny, but it lacks meaning (I stand to be corrected). I expect the government of Cross River State to promote the existing Destination Cross River. That is our brand, it is the signature of the Cross River People. 
We are known with the destination Cross River, and any attempt to replace it with what is making the rounds as the new logo of Cross River State is not only ridiculous but out of place. 
Our focus should be on clean water for our people, good road network, adequate security, quality healthcare delivery, prompt payment of workers and pensioners(State and Local Government), quality education for all and not a logo. 
I call on well meaning Cross Riverans to resist this funny looking logo.
Danor Samuel Ogar :
That logo is rubbish in every sense of the word.
Eti Bassey-Esang :
I saw that logo o my brother and I was dumbfounded at how extremely dumb the logo is. 
What’s the problem with the first logo in the first place
Bernard Okaka :
Brother to me I see a bull trying to break through… To harness the stars… While in the other logo I see relaxation… Serenity… And leisure…
The new logo I think depicts a current stand… It speaks truth
Prince Michael Nku Abuo :
This is a no no!I prayed  and spoke against the making public of this piece and I expressed shock the first time I heard about it…
I just wonder what evil magic is holding sway against our Governor…That evil is putting our state in autoreverse….
This is not the man I spoke with before and shortly after the election…God save our Governor and state…

Something needs to be done soon and quickly! How can one consciously build backlash and kill goodwill against his own government, one week one negativity….I am sad and almost frustrated….
Ambo Michael :
I have brainstormed the brand proposition with some brand professionals in three countries.. Their proposition is negative.. Even erudite scholars in advent branding are against the symbols according to the available phylogeny of the state.. What is the phlem representation of the colour to what we produce, economic nature and progressive standpoint? Red??
Samuel Ekanem :
This logo is giving me both headache and night mares. The red colour,  a bull?  When did the bull creep into our existence as Cross Riverians?  A raging bull for that matter.  Have we not had enough fights?
Effanga Akpanika :
Beyond Facebook, can we start a strong resistance to this project. Lets go out on the street with the old logo and protest against the launch of any new nonsense. We all have a stake in this state,we cant let dim witted people take us for a ride. Me i’m ready to come out and protest any day. Nsuto mkpo!
Anthony Bissong Attah :
If it is true that this is going to be the new  Cross River State logo from 29/05/2017, then I can bet you that we are several steps backward in creativity and commonsense.
Koko Bassey :
I refuse to believe that this is the new Cross River State logo, if it is then……
Paul Adie :
The proposed new logo of cross river state is very far fetched concept. It feels like a China communist flag as its symbols cannot be found in the culture of the people coupled with the fact that it is too unprofessionally simplistic. They explained that the 18 stars represent the 18 Local Government areas of the state and the  bull represents an energetic state. The former one has the blue which represented the ambience of the ocean with the fish and two promises business or leisure welcome home, it was a timeless piece. 
This new logo epitomises a discontinuity from the brand positioning as a leader in tourism and even investment haven. It just doesn’t resonate with the state’s preceding brand d.n.a thus I expect a change in the brand platform: vision, mission, strategy from the former. 
Please a destination brand does not mean a journey of the state it is a term in tourism marketing that refers to a place, city or country that desires to be a competitive identity with the view to having favourable spill over in tourism attraction, investment attraction, export marketing, international rating for its citizens and government policies
Benjamin Adeshi :
Must his Administration Change everything?why don’t his administration maintain some old standard?see how he messed the governor’s office with useless painting,,,so the former administration that maintained the standard are fools..too much excitement my brother iam tired. May God help us
Franklyn Ukpata :
I just hate the new one…. Red colour… Bull… Star. Abeg na occult state?

Sanctus Jerry :

Is only that the logo will be changed by the new administrations. Who knows, this administration can change it twice because if more Local Governments are created, the stars will increased, thus calls for a change. The government of the Profs.
Moses Igang :
I just prefer the old one to the new one.
Hope Obeten :
In this country I remember when University of Lagos, Unilag was renamed cluelessly to M.K.O Abiola University by the then GEJ administration, the citizens of Lagos (Lagosians) made sure the change never happened. Arise oh yea Cross Riverians, May your glory never depart thee! 
Eugene Upah :
There is the need for every government to consolidate and or upgrade on certain areas where it deems it necessary. The new proposed logo of Cross River State is not a completely bad idea, the bull represents strength, the 18 stars convey the message that all council areas in the state are duly represented. Personally, my issue with the new logo is that it didn’t bare the Cross River colors of blue and white, secondly, certain mottos like “the nation’s paradise” and “destination cross river” which we are known for worldwide were not carried along. I have met a couple of people who said they were not too comfortable with the “snail” on the old logo as it could mean sluggishness to the state. 
The inscription “driven by the spirit of enterprise” on the new one is not very bad, the designer needs to change certain things on the new one. I think the problem majority of the people are having is that they are just too used to the old one. It is old fashioned and needs something more physical and challenging like the logos of other corporate organizations because when people see a good thing they fall in love with it. Who wouldn’t like the logos of Multichoice or Tinapa?
***********Charles O’tudor, the designer of the ‘destination Cross River’, is still the brain behind this. But, come to think of it —what do you think about the new brand? Is it altogether a bad idea or is it that the timing is wrong? 
As for me, the idea of an unpopular government proposing a ‘spirit of enterprise’ brand especially after it has failed to be enterprising in terms of policy formulation and implementation after two years is unacceptable. 
The brand proposal idea isn’t bad but a failed and failing government has blighted such innovation. Secondly, branding of Cross River State isn’t the priority. 

Efio-Ita Nyok
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