Deteriorating State Capital: it’s not Atam people that finished Calabar, it’s just ‘one man’ —Morphy


Efio-Ita Nyok|7 May 2017 
There has been a decline in the aesthetic character of Cross River State capital city, Calabar especially in the area of hygiene. 
For instance, a controversial Nigerian journalist based in Cross River State began a campaign on Facebook on 2 May titled 'The New Calabar' where he has drawn attention to the down spiraling profile of Calabar. 
Daniel Agbor has been quite critical of the debris and unattended rubbish that dot around spots in the state capital. Now, former Special Adviser to the Governor on National Contact, Chief Ray Ugba Morphy, has reacted to a perceived sentiment from the Efik of Calabar. 
According to Ugba, the Efik, that is, Nigerians of Cross River southern senatorial district, are holding the opinion that the Atam, that is, Nigerians of both central and northern senatorial districts of the state, have caused an aesthetic deterioration in Calabar, the ancestral abode for the Efik, Qua and Efut. 
Ugba countered this assertion by opining that it's not the Atam but 'one man'. However, he did not expressly identify the 'one man' but went ahead to direct that Cross Riverians to, 'Hold the man to account with your votes in 2019'.
Take a look at Ugba' s ON_THAT_DECAY_OF_CALABAR. Excerpt:
'The Efiks say Atam have finished Calabar. It is not Atam People o. It is one man and you cannot blame us all for us for one man's transgressions.
'We Atam people are clean people and many of our people have real estate investments in the City of Calabar, we want that city to continue to excel. Many Atam elite have their primary residence in Calabar.
'If some people are destroying Calabar, it is not us all. Hold the man to account with your votes in 2019. That's all.
'Na me talk am'.
By the phrase, 'the Efiks', Ugba is generalising for all Efik. I think he is wrong. He hasn't even told us which Efik indigene(s) made the statement from where he is fallaciously generalising. Again, could Ugba be referring to the Executive Governor of Cross River State when he uses the phrase 'one man'? Hmmm! Ayam confused oooo. 
But, Who is this 'one man' that has degenerated Calabar, the ancient hostess of the world to an unwilling harbour of refuse? 
Efio-Ita Nyok
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